Top 5 Digital Payment Trends to Look for in 2023

In-store and online payment processing is due to undergo significant changes in 2023. Consumers are embracing contactless payments, while more merchants are waking up to the benefits of mobile point-of-sale systems. However, as the lines between digital and physical blur, the need for robust cybersecurity is becoming even more apparent. Below, we spotlight the biggest … Read more

Are HPC and AI the same thing?

Though HPC and AI are similar in that they are both technologies used to improve the performance of computers, they have different underlying principles and areas of application. Therefore, they are not the same. HPC is focused on improving the speed of complex problems that require intensive computation power, while AI focuses on using computers … Read more

Top benefits of Microsoft Azure

Top benefits of Microsoft Azure

As one of Microsoft’s largest and fastest-growing companies, Azure is a key focus for organizations pursuing a “mobility, cloud-first” business strategy. With Microsoft’s industry expertise and business, it’s easy to see that Azure is well-positioned for future expansion into one of technology’s most important industries. Get certified and know more about Microsoft Azure from the … Read more