Meaning and Process of Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

Today, we are going to study the meaning of environmental analysis, and the process of Environmental analysis. Let’s start with the Introduction of the business environmental Analysis. Introduction to Environment Analysis Environmental Analysis is a process of identifying the relevant factors that have a direct or indirect impact on the effective and efficient functioning of … Read more

Important Techniques/Methods, Process, and Definition of Environmental Scanning should be followed for Effective Analysis

thumbnail of environmental scanning

Today, we are going to study environmental scanning, types of environment scanning, process and methods/techniques of Environmental scanning. Let’s start with the Introduction of environmental scanning. Introduction to Environment Scanning Environmental scanning is an X-ray of the environment. It is defined as the process of understanding the dynamism and trends of the environment. In other … Read more

Main Components of Business Environment

Main Components of Business Environment should be know before starting Business

Today, we are going to discuss the main components of the business environment that one should know before starting a business. Let’s start with some basics of the components of the business environment. Before jump into the components of business environment, Lets revised little bit of business environment. Business environment is a mixture of complex, dynamic and uncontrollable external … Read more

What is a Business Environment? | Definition, Features, And Importance

defination of business Environment and its importance

When I asked someone “What is Environment?”  During my job. He replied, “Everything we depend on.”  I like this statement and since then, my thinking of the environment and its value hasn’t changed much. In the same line of thought let us understand some of the environment and business relations, definition, some of the features of … Read more