3 Ways to Make Corporate Events More Engaging

When office employees find out there’s another corporate event they have to attend, it usually elicits a groan of discontent. That’s because corporate events are the same every time. Predictable activities, boring speeches, and lackluster food don’t give your employees much to look forward to.

With about 22.95 million people in the U.S. working in the professional and business services industry, the corporate world is a large one. And it could benefit from more engaging corporate events.

If you’re the one tasked with planning corporate events for your company, thinking outside the box is one of the best things you can do. You’ll find that employees become more engaged and involved, which will benefit everyone.

To prevent hosting another humdrum affair, here are 3 ways you can make these events more engaging for your employees. 

1. Avoid the Same Boring Meeting Format

Predictability is never a good thing for corporate events. The format is almost always the same, which means few people will pay attention. In fact, the longer each session is, the more likely you are to have the entire room lose interest.

Instead, try making the sessions shorter to allow for more breaks. Those sessions should also be more unique. Keep presentations shorter and find ways to make them captivating. No one wants to listen to someone drone on about mission statements and goals for an hour.

2. Make It Fun

While the purpose of a corporate event is for business, it should be fun, too. Making it fun is what will create that connection you desperately need for your employees. You can play games, but try to refrain from doing the same icebreakers that you do every year. That type of forced fun isn’t the same as actual fun.

When your employees are having fun, they’re more engaged. They’re building bonds together, too, which will all bode well for better productivity and more integration of your teams.

3. Do Something Different

Create a challenge in the form of a team activity that is completely different from previous years. Turn it into a gameshow, hire a comedian or a celebrity look-alike, or go to an escape room. Give your employees the chance to win prizes while growing as a team.

If you want to show your own corporate videos or treat the team to a film viewing, rent a theater . You’ll have a large, unique space that your team will surely spend the next year talking about.

Doing these things can provide a more memorable and engaging experience for everyone on your team. As the landscape of the workforce shifts to a younger generation, you’ll want to continue to appeal in a way that brings all ages and backgrounds together. Following these tips will ensure you have a corporate event that surprises and delights – and is sure to make them look forward to next year’s event too.

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