A Quick Guide to Crafting the Perfect SEO Title Tag

Scrolling through Google and reading the most random blogs? Well, it seems like you’re having a relaxed day. But out of sheer curiosity, we would like to ask you something.   

What makes you choose one blog among so many others? Most users would answer this question with the ‘title tag’.  

Crafting the perfect title tag is indeed important to catch user attention. But it has more to it! A title tag is a crucial SEO element as it helps Google understand what the page is about.  

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Here’s why title tags are important.  

Title Tag Makes the First Impression – A potential visitor will first see the title tag when performing a search. So, this is your chance to leave a lasting impression with the perfect title tag.  

Helps Leverage Brand Name – People put their faith in brands. So, by displaying your brand name in the title tag, you can get more clicks and traffic.  

Since SEO title tags are so important, you must know how to create them correctly. We’ll help you in the process. Read on to know how to make the perfect SEO title tag and if you need an SEO agency in India for the same.   

How to Write the Perfect SEO Title Tag – Tips from An SEO Agency in India  

Write a Unique Title for Every Page 

Isn’t every page of your website unique and offers different type of information to the reader? So why should you stick to one title for every page? 

Customize the title tag for every page and make sure it describes what’s present on that page. Ensure the title clearly indicates the page’s context.  

Size Matters – Focus on the Length  

Google can be a little mean at times and would cut the title exceeding 50-60 characters. So, aim for a character length of 60 or less.  

Just to be on the safer side, use the most descriptive terms at the beginning of the title, so they don’t get trimmed!  For example: 6 Easy Tips for Keyword Research

Incorporate the Target Keyword  

When we speak of an SEO title tag, we can’t miss using the primary keyword. Your website will be more useful for the users if it shows for the right term.  

Google algorithm uses the title tag as one of the main ways to determine what the page is about. It’s a good opportunity to use a target keyword and signal Google that the page is relevant for users searching for that term.  

Be Descriptive  

To click on the page or not depends on the title tag! 

If a user finally decides to click on your page among others and doesn’t find what they expect by reading the title, they are likely to click the back button and look for another page.  

Ensure the title tag accurately describes what people will see when they click on your web page. This way, you can also reduce the bounce rate and build trust.  

Should You Create Short but Powerful Titles?  

A huge yes!  

Title tags may not seem important, but they can make a huge difference to your traffic and ranking. But crafting the perfect SEO title tag may not be easy for everyone.  

That doesn’t have to mean you choose boring and ineffective titles. You can always get in touch with an SEO agency in India to get the most eye-catching titles crafted for your web pages. One such agency creates titles that cut through is AdLift.  

The SEO and content hotshots at AdLift create persuading, informational and attractive titles that users are bound to click. Explore their website today and be ready to get more visits to your webpage. 

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