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Do you want to become a pro speaker? If yes, you landed on the right page to get helpful information. Learning how to become a good speaker is a different process for everyone. But if you are a beginner, public speaking could be a terrible experience for an unprepared person. So, if you want to act like a pro, read this guide in detail. 

Why is it essential to be an excellent public speaker?

Most people find public speaking a daunting experience. But the reality is different from these, and according to experts: 

“Shyness and nervousness are just feelings, not personality traits.”

If you want to run any business, speaking and confidence are two primary traits you should possess. But you need to understand that jobs and companies come with various responsibilities. So, if you want career advancement, you must speak in public gatherings or occasional meetings. According to the stats, only 10% of people in the USA enjoy speaking in front of the public. However, if you can polish these skills, it indeed gives an advantage in your career or education. 

Benefits of an excellent public speaker:

If you want to overcome the public appearance fear, then at first, it’s vital to burst the myths. It will help to reduce anxiety and improve your performance. Learning how to speak is essential due to the following reasons. 

  • If you have the best speaking skills, then it keeps the audience engaged, and they don’t get bored. Apart from this, if you know the speaking techniques and tactics, it helps to entertain the audience and grab attention. 
  • Above all, communication is the key thing that attracts and impresses people. However, excellent speaking skills play a crucial role in improving communication. Good communication help in the following ways: 
If you are on a team projectWhen you want to present data to clients & supervisorsHelp to describe new policies
Play a role in resolving conflictOnboarding and training employeesYou can convey better to the stakeholders
  • In addition, good speaking skills help establish a solid relationship with people. However, later you can convert these strong ties into a good relationship. 
  • If you have good speaking skills, then you get an opportunity to speak your heart in front of people. 
  • Above all, you can use this skill to motivate others, whether they are your workers or colleagues. So, this is a positive side and one of the best advantages of learning speaking skills. 

Besides, it’s vital to mention that you can’t run anything without developing good management skills. So, if you know how to speak well, then it later helps to improve managerial responsibilities. 

Tips to become a good speaker in public:

Earlier, we discussed all the benefits of becoming an excellent public speaker. But you can’t master an art without having basic knowledge. For instance, if you are an American flag maker, then first learn the meaning of the black American flag. However, the same theory applies if you want to develop good speaking skills. So, here are a few ways that you can use to become a good speaker: 

Practice, practice, and practice: 

Practice is the primary key to success. If you are well-practiced, you will not feel hesitate while speaking in front of people. For instance, it would be helpful to practice before presenting something. In this way, you will gain confidence in weaker areas, and by practicing, you will improve your speech. So, if you want to be a good speaker, make PRACTICE your best friend. 

Provide audio & video for better understanding: 

Clarity is the main thing that attracts other people. So, in this digital world, social media has much power. However, you can use these platforms and post audio and video. Apart from this, use the screen if you are presenting something on the stage. In this way, you can provide a clear picture. 

Improve your body language: 

“Communication is a two-way activity, so try to involve the audience.”

If you are practicing speech, then don’t ignore your body language. It’s the first thing that people use to judge any person. So, before speaking, focus on how you present yourself. Here are tips that you can use to improve body language: 

  • Speak loudly 
  • Stand straight 
  • Make eye contact with the public 
  • Do cross-questioning while presenting and speaking in front of people
  • Always keep a smile on your face 

If your body language is good, then your audience will feel connected. However, if the public feels comfortable, it will help you leave a mark on them. 

Organize material and watch for feedback: 

Creating the framework and preparing the feedback before presenting something is vital. Moreover, you can make pointers or outlines to remember the points. But you should know that if you speak by looking at the paper, it doesn’t impact well on the audience. So, grab attention in the first 30 seconds and focus on your audience. In addition to this, always watch for the post-speech feedback and work on your weaker areas. 

Be yourself: 

In the end, it is one of the best pieces of advice that one can adopt to become a good speaker. If we look around, then many things are fake. For instance, you can find fake check stubs or accents. But if you want to be a better speaker, stay away from these things as they can ruin your image. If you are speaking, then show your personality from your words. Here are these tips that can help you to be a good speaker: 

  • Add humor 
  • Create personal connection and bonding with the audience 
  • Put your audience first 
  • Minimize filler words, and don’t stammer 
  • Express emotions in your sentences 

Most importantly, don’t forget to rehearse before entering a stage. You can record your speeches to note weak points, which helps boost confidence and overcome mistakes. 


The things you say to people can influence them in many ways. So, it’s your responsibility to speak wisely, and you should be well-practiced. You can learn these things if you are a good speaker: 

It helps to identify complex ideasYou can read the room’s environment in a better wayYou can switch immediately
It helps to translate ideas easily

So, don’t be afraid and present yourself fearlessly. This way, you can grab more opportunities by leaving a positive impact. 

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