Fixed Asset Accounting: Overview and Best Practices

Asset Accounting

A company’s fixed assets are tangible possessions that it owns and employs in its operations to produce long-term revenue. Equipment, property, and plant are fixed assets, also referred to as capital assets. These frequently play a significant role in a company’s financial reports. Companies usually acquire fixed assets to ensure they have enough resources to … Read more

Top 10 Customer Engagement Strategies for eCommerce Stores

customer engagement strategies

If you’re running an eCommerce store, it’s important to make sure that you’re engaging your customers effectively. If you can keep your customers engaged, they’re more likely to keep coming back, and they’re more likely to buy from you. This article will discuss 10 customer engagement strategies that you can use for your eCommerce store. … Read more

Top 10 B2B Marketplaces to Boost Your Business Sales In 2022

top b2b marketplace

All businesses know the importance of eCommerce. The significance of e-commerce increases tenfold during a pandemic. In the world of the online marketplace, as compared to B2C, the B2b marketplace has gained great success in the least amount of time. According to the market research report, in the last two years, the growth of every third … Read more

How to find Essay Writing Services in Canada

Whether you’re a college student or an employer looking to hire an essay writer, it’s important to have access to top-quality services. Finding dissertation writing services in Canada is no easy feat. There are a variety of factors that make this process challenging. From language requirements to time, time is of the essence when finding … Read more

A Review of Peachy Essay Writing Site

Peachy Essay

I was going through different academic writing services websites and came across Peachy Essay. It is a professional writing site that aims at helping students and different scholars to get well-written essays. The site also offers different writing tools to assist students to edit their work to meet professional standards. I went through their website … Read more

Steps in Strategy Formulation Process

strategy formulation process

We are going to discuss the Steps in the Strategy Formulation Process. Let’s start with some basics of the Strategy Formulation. Concept of Strategy Formulation Strategy formulation is the process of choosing the best possible strategy out of several other strategic options. “Strategy formulation is designed to guide executives in defining the business their company is in‚ the … Read more

Strategic Options

Hello Friends, Today, we are going to discuss the Strategic Options. We already write some articles about Strategic Management: Meaning, Features, Importance, and Levels. Let’s start with some basics of the Strategic Options. Concepts of Strategic Options Strategic options are creative alternative action-oriented responses to the external situation that an organization (or group of organizations) faces. Strategic options take advantage … Read more

Company Resources

company resources

Today, we are going to discuss the  Company Resources and evaluate them. Let’s start with some basics for Company Resources. Concepts of resources Resources are an organization’s assets and are thus the basic building blocks of the organization. They include tangible assets, such as its plant, equipment, finances, and location, human assets, in terms of the … Read more

Competitive Capabilities

Hello Friends, Today, we are going to discuss Competitive Capabilities. Let’s start with some basics of Competitive Capabilities. Capabilities Capabilities refer to a corporation’s ability to exploit its resources. They consist of business processes and routines that manage the interaction among resources to turn inputs into outputs. For example, a company’s marketing capability can be based … Read more