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About BusinessMan Talk

BusinessMan Talk is a website that carries learning resources, news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business. BusinessMan Talk blog provides complete guide resources of all about entrepreneurship and Business. We are a group of some graduates who are dedicated to blogging. We always intend to give you best output for you.

It’s work that matters.

BusinessMan Talk is changing how millions of people around the world engage with Business and entrepreneurship. There’s something special about knowing your hard work and talents are helping tens of thousands of business and entrepreneurial ventures.

We work as a team.

Team BusinessMan Talk is only just few — still a tight-knit group, considering everything that’s happened so far. Every week brings new challenges, and every week we work together to meet them. (We also have plenty of fun together: hack days, happy hours, trips, workshops, movies, lunches, and a lot of laughing.)

We’re in Pokhara City.

we are in a beautiful city in Nepal, Pokhara — a beautiful city of Nepal, one of the world’s most diverse, most exciting cities.

We like to be happy, healthy, and inspired.

We offer 25 vacation days, four months parental leave, education , time off for creative and volunteer work, employer-paid health benefits, and plenty more — from cultural events, screenings shows to company meals and fresh produce from our Founder’s Home.

We want BusinessMan Talk to be around forever.

We’re working to build something meaningful and lasting. We try to approach everything we do thoughtfully — and if you feel the same about your work, we’d love to hear from you.

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