Dedicated Server Made Easier With Ultimate Control For Your Online Website 


Hosting your website on a reliable web hosting server is important when it comes to its growth and maintaining a considerable amount of web traffic. Among all the available web hosting solutions, the Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Australia is considered the superior choice. This is because it eliminates all the limitations and constraints that users encounter while hosting their website on other web hosting servers. 

Under the dedicated server hosting, you obtain the ultimate administration over your server. This helps you run, manage, configure and customize your server on your own based on the requirements of your website. In this article, we will introduce you to the best Dedicated Server Australia hosting service provided by the top-leading data center – Serverwala. However, let us begin with comprehending the meaning and functioning of the dedicated server. 

Know about Dedicated Server Hosting

The Dedicated Server Australia functions solely for a distinct user. With dedicated server hosting, you get the whole web hosting server and its resources to host your website flexibly. Unlike shared hosting, your server resources are not shared among other websites, and your website attains an independent, secure, and private hosting environment. Moreover, you can make use of your dedicated server in Australia as you find it best suitable for your website. 

How It Can Help Your Online Business Website?

The Dedicated Server helps your business website in the following ways – 

High-level performance

The Best Dedicated Server Australia enables your website to have high-level performance. This is because it comes with high availability of dedicated resources. You get the privilege to scale up your web resources whenever required. 

Full Root Access

You can gain full root access to your Dedicated Server. This provides you with permission to configure and customize your entire server as you desire. Further, you can operate, control, and manage your dedicated server on your own. 

Most promising SEO ranking

With dedicated server hosting, your business website becomes capable of performing at twenty times faster speed and delivering a seamless end-user experience. Your website also gets the maximum uptime and least downtime. All this enables your website to have the most promising SEO ranking. 

Serverwala Offers You Dedicated Server Australia with Best Features 

Dedicated Server

Being renowned as a top-notch and industry-leading data center all over the globe, Serverwala never fails to provide world-class web hosting services and facilities at the most affordable prices. It offers enterprise-grade hardware support as well as the most advanced technologies with a robust, bare-metal Dedicated Server. With this, your website gets the opportunity to deliver fast-speed and uninterrupted performance to the end-users. Dive into the sections below to acquire further insights into the advantages and plans of Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Australia.   

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting By Serverwala 

Hardware RAID 

Serverwala provides the support for Hardware (RAID) Redundant Array of Independent Disks with its bare-metal Dedicated Server. You can purchase the support of RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 at a feasible price. 

Premium Bandwidth

You receive the premium bandwidth for your website from the Serverwala data center. The dedicated server in Australia comes with the fastest network connectivity and provides the experience from 100 MBPS to 1 GBPS bandwidth.

Private VLAN Subnets

With your cheap Dedicated Server Australia, you get the opportunity to easily construct private server clusters. Serverwala provides the support of 10GBPS virtual LAN subnets for the same. 

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

You get one IPv4 and IPv6 address for your website for free of cost with your Australia dedicated server hosting plan. Further, the data center allows you to purchase additional Internet Protocols (IPs) at the cheapest prices. 

Service Level Agreement

With every Australia dedicated server hosting plan, you get the service level agreement that assures your website the experience of the highest levels of uptime network. It guarantees at least 99.90% uptime and almost zero downtime to enable your website to acquire an enhanced visitor ratio. 

Round-the-clock technical assistance

You can obtain 24/7/365 technical assistance from the highly-skilled experts at any time you feel. They are always glad to provide instant and most accessible solutions to every issue or problem of the customer. 

Price and Packages 

You can pick the most suitable Australia dedicated server hosting plan or package for your website from the Serverwala data center. Serverwala aims to accommodate every sort of website and its necessities. 

Thus, it offers an extensive spectrum of dedicated server hosting plans and packages at the most affordable costs. Also, with your plan or package, you get the assurance of dedicated resources that you can scale up or down easily and quickly based on your website’s advancement. 

Further, you receive a security-as-a-service and free SSL certificate for your website with the Cheap Dedicated Server Australia. 

Dedicated Server


Serverwala’s Data Center Facilities comes with numerous benefits that can make you grow your website with utmost ease. You also get the option to either pick managed web hosting service or an unmanaged web hosting service with your server as per your convenience. If you do not have enough technical expertise or possess less time, managed dedicated server hosting is your choice. 

In case you have any related queries in your mind, you can reach out to the professionals of the Serverwala data center through 24/7 customer service support. They are available over various communication channels such as Whatsapp, Skype, Live Chat, Email, etc., to provide instant responses and smart solutions. 

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