Selling on the internet is so much more about just the product these days – customers are looking for the best brands that provide the best facilities and the best user experience when it comes to online shopping.

Every company is trying to better each other and looking for as many competitive advantages against each other as possible. Shipping is one of those many criteria that can set one brand or company apart from the others.

Providing a delightful delivery service using the best e-commerce shipping companies is one of the many ways that a brand can distinguish itself in the marketplace. Most users never visit a website that provides them with a poor delivery experience and that is why having the right e-commerce shipping partner is most important for any brand that has online sales.

Shipping Partner Solutions

There are many logistic providers in the market and choosing the right partner can be a challenging affair. However, knowing exactly what a company requires and what the customer needs is one of the most effective ways to choose the right e-commerce shipping partner. From the company’s perspective, the shipping partner must have the following features:

  • Be easy to work with – integrated applications that makes shipping and logistics easy to handle
  • Be reliable in terms of picking up of goods and delivering them safely
  • Have a transparent service method that makes shipping trackable
  • Provide analytical reports at every stage for enhancing performance
  • Provide cost-effective logistic solutions
  • Be able to handle returns and payments upon delivery in hasslefree manner
  • Provide prompt service at all times

These are some of the features that a company or a brand requires from an e-commerce shipment solution provider. On the other hand, customers have some unique requirements as well which create all the difference when it comes to competitive advantage.

Choosing e-commerce shipping companies only on the basis of what the company requires may not be the right way to enhance customer satisfaction.

Choosing a shipping company on the basis of what the customer expects and what delights the customer – that is, meeting the expectations and exceeding them – is what is required these days. In the cutthroat competition that companies face these days, customer delight in terms of delivery is the key to retaining customers for a long time.

Below are some of the factors that customers are keen on when it comes to shipping experience with a brand or company:

  • Prompt Pickup

Customers expect quick and prompt packing and pickup of the order once they place them – having a shipping partner that conducts prompt pickup is imperative.

  • Timely Tracking Information

Email communication along with text messages that regularly update the customer with where their order has reached makes customers trust and rely on the brand. Making sure the customer never has to actually track the product by themselves and keep making calls to find out if the product has arrived is key to customer delight.

  • Accurate Shipping and Delivery

No contact deliveries are a big thing right now and therefore, choosing a partner that can make accurate deliveries without making numerous calls is one of the best competitive advantages.

  • Hasslefree returns

Returns must be easy with a shipping partner as most companies take days to collect the product – having a partner that does instant pickup and ship back can ensure the customer gets a refund or replacement instantly, thereby improving customer retention.

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