How To Maintain And Care Your Cowboy Hats To Make It Last Longer?

A cowboy hat is a great fashion accessory that can easily make a person stand out. They come in a wider variety of styles and colors than any other type of hat; there is a cowboy hat for every person. They are also durable to last for years with proper care. But if you bought this hat without considering the design, the color, and how to care for it delicately, it will not last long. Buying the right hat for your face is great, but what’s the point if it cannot last long.

 A cowboy hat is meant to be turned in circles once and then rotated on the same spot. You should also avoid putting it in your pocket or hauling it high above your head, as this will cause a dent near your forehead and lead to accelerate breakage. Here are, some other tips can help you keep this fashion piece looking pristine for more extended periods.

Get the Right Fit

Getting the right fit is essential in getting a cowboy hat to last. A too-small hat will cause wrinkles as it lies on your head and as it slips down your face. As a general rule, try one size up and one size down. If that doesn’t work, try two sizes up or down. 

This can also lead to broken seams and loose threads falling off the hat, damaging other parts of your clothing. A too-large hat will cause the same issues with rolling off or bunches of fabric dangling off the back of your head or catching on to things when you walk.

Reshaping your Hat

If you own a cowboy hat, you should be familiar with its shape. However, time or improper care can affect the shape of your hat. In such a case reshaping your cowboy hat becomes essential to wear it again. Though many of you might be wondering how to reshape a cowboy hat? To make sure your hat stays securely in place and that it doesn’t stand on end, make sure to shape your hat while you are wearing it. 

You might find many ways to reshape your hat on the internet, but not all might be safe for your hat. If you want to reshape your cowboy hat to the point where it is too tight, take a needle and carefully poke inside the seam of the hat to loosen. Don’t poke too hard, as this will tear your hat or rip off some of the fabric presents. 

Clean It Properly

To keep a cowboy hat looking top-notch over the years, you will want to clean them after each use. Even if it looks good now, with time, you will see some dirt build up in the fabric, which can lead to more damage occurring over time and more issues with wrinkles and cracking on the surface of the hat.

For a top-notch clean, use a damp cloth and rub the outside of the hat down with a heavy-duty cleaning solution. For those who own a hard hat, remove the exterior face- shield and wash the interior piece of your hardhat to maintain its protective quality. 

Other Effective Ways to Promote the Longevity of your Hats

Keeping your hat alive for a more extended period is what every hat wearer wants. If you are the owner of a cowboy hat, you have to treat it carefully for them to serve you for longer times. Here are some ways that help in maintaining your cowboy hats to increase the longevity and make them last long:

Try not to wear it in extreme conditions:

Obviously, you want to display your favorite artwork at all times, but there are some situations in which it isn’t appropriate, and the sun is one of them. When you are outside on a hot day, your straw hat can become very uncomfortable and eventually damaged.

Always store your hat in the right place:

Avoid storing your hats in a place where they can be exposed to direct sunlight and moisture, as this can make them shrink, dry out, or even become moldy. It is always advisable to cover it, even if you intend to store it for a short period to protect it and prevent dirt build-up over time.

Avoid wearing your hat with the brim turned up:

If you’re walking beneath a tree or near construction, always try to keep your heat turned down to avoid getting dirty. A stained crown will cause the outside to get dirty, too, causing discoloration and even damage to the area where the crown meets the brim.

Wearing a cowboy hat is a great way to show your fashion flair and personal style, but you have to learn how to take care of it the right way. The steps mentioned above on caring for your cowboy hat will allow you to wear it like new for years with proper care.

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