12 tips to increase your leads using WhatsApp business API

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps in the market. With a little over 1.3 billion active users worldwide, the platform has had increased demand in the commercial market. To cope with the increased commercial demand, WhatsApp created its very own business platform, WhatsApp Business, and an application interface, WhatsApp Business API. 

What is a WhatsApp Business API and why is it popular 

WhatsApp Business API is an application programming interface created by WhatsApp to help corporations seamlessly engage with their customers and ensure a high standard of customer service. In addition to all the features available on WhatsApp, the API offers a host of additional features like shared inboxes, catalogs, template messages & a detailed profile that are focused on business interactions. WhatsApp’s accessibility and extensive customer base are the main reasons businesses started to gyrate towards the business app. Since businesses have access to a large customer base who are well-versed in using the application, it has become a valuable channel to keep a grip on the customer’s data and engage accordingly.

The API’s high popularity also stems from the fact that it allows for a broad scope of customization. With the efficient use of WhatsApp Business API, businesses can also ensure an excellent omnichannel customer experience as it is capable of integrating communications across several platforms into a single interface. 

12 tips to increase your leads using WhatsApp Business API 

While many businesses have an intricate understanding of how to use WhatsApp API efficiently, some barely scratch the surface of WhatsApp API’s potential. This article will highlight some crucial WhatsApp Business API tips to increase your business leads.

1. Create a clear strategy

Before integrating WhatsApp API into your business, it is critical to identify how the application will add value to your customer service and marketing strategies. Many businesses fail to create a functional strategy around the use of WhatsApp, and instead, tend to use the platform as a generic communications channel. This is a common pitfall that most businesses fall into.

A detailed WhatsApp API strategy maps out the use of the application into a cohesive plan, from messaging and marketing strategies to lead generation tactics and sales cycles. A well-formed strategy for WhatsApp API should include the following information:

– What are the goals that WhatsApp Business API is expected to help you achieve?

– Which platforms will the strategy target and what role will they play?

– How does the application’s value fit into your wider strategy?

2. Create a memorable chatbot on WhatsApp

A chatbot is one of the most ubiquitous solutions for a personalized customer experience. The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to easily create custom chatbots that can be integrated into your website and other social media platforms. Many businesses fail to understand that chatbots can become a core part of customer service strategies as they allow businesses to provide personalized and engaging experiences for every customer. In addition to providing autonomous support, WhatsApp chatbots can also help your team intervene and offer instant assistance to new customers & turn them into prospective leads.  

3. Use effective WhatsApp marketing tools

Many don’t realize that WhatsApp API integration doesn’t only allow for better customer service, but also helps in creating effective and personalized marketing strategies. With WhatsApp Broadcasts, your business can use the WhatsApp Business API to engage with targeted groups of your customer base, share your brand’s latest products, and send personalized marketing messages to drive sales. The API also allows for conversation automation, which can help you increase brand loyalty among existing and potential customers.

4. Focus on visual content like images, videos & GIFs

In today’s highly visual online world, customers are more attuned to engaging with images, GIFs and videos. So, it is not only important to have the right message, but also critical to have the right visual media to match your message. With WhatsApp Business API, business owners get the ability to share rich text and media with their customers and nudge them towards action. Creating tutorials, product demos & rich product images can help your business stand out from the competition and generate better leads for your business. 

5. Send reminders, updates, & exclusive offers via WhatsApp chat & chatbots 

Customer engagement is a critical strategy that most businesses fail to focus on, and WhatsApp Business API provides a reliable means to ensure customer engagement. Broadcast lists allow business owners to send targeted messages and deliver exclusive offers to the customer base. By sending constant updates and reminders about the benefits and features of your business to your targeted customers, WhatsApp Business API ensures that your customers receive the most value possible from your business. Businesses can also create WhatsApp groups and distribute important marketing messages to the targeted groups.

6. Add a link to other social media platforms

Social media is becoming a major avenue of customer acquisition in today’s digital age. With a growing number of customers on multiple social media platforms, it is important for businesses to provide customers with the option to connect with the brand through other platforms. WhatsApp API allows business owners to share their WhatsApp links with customers across multiple social media platforms, increasing engagement and providing you with more access to a larger audience. Businesses can customize WhatsApp API in a way that users can share their engagement and receive valuable feedback on the product.

7. Connect all your apps and web forms to WhatsApp so you can be notified in real-time when someone is trying to connect with you!

Customers often interact with brands through several platforms in today’s highly interconnected world. With WhatsApp API, you can leverage various tools to make your customer service more personalized and efficient. With the API’s shared inbox feature, businesses will be able to see all the customer conversations across several platforms on a single screen. This allows for a real-time approach to customer support where any team will be able to forward customer queries to the respective team for instant resolution. In addition, when WhatsApp API is integrated with a CRM or accounting tool, businesses can manage their various accounts simultaneously and keep a record of all interactions. Hence, they will not miss any message from new customers.

8. Create workflows that are triggered by WhatsApp messages and replies.

Small or medium businesses might be operating on a shoestring budget that doesn’t allow them to expand their customer service team. One of the ways that they can ensure excellent customer support is through automation. WhatsApp Business API allows you to automate conversation flows to reduce the workload on your support team and ensure fast customer service. With this feature, you can route messages and questions to different team members automatically using specific keywords or triggers. You can also create a completely automated conversation flow that allows customers to resolve their queries themselves.

9. Boost your brand’s credibility by showing genuine interest in helping customers.

While the WhatsApp API provides several tools to enhance customer interaction & experience, there is a necessity to ensure genuine engagement with your customers. Since WhatsApp is a highly accessible tool that is being used by almost everyone, it offers a valuable opportunity to show your customers that your brand cares about them. As a business owner, you can use WhatsApp API to ensure that your business responds to queries immediately and shows that you are more than willing to help customers in their time of need.

10. Showcase your products & services with WhatsApp catalogs

WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to create product & service catalogs that are very useful for direct-to-consumer businesses that are competing with others in the market for customer attention. Catalog links can also be hosted on your website and social media platforms to help nudge customers to make a purchase. WhatsApp also supports the capability to add product information, store coupons, and track orders on your site, making the integration highly valuable for brands and retailers.

11. Streamline payments with in-app payment support

Business owners can integrate WhatsApp Pay and provide in-app payment options to their customers. With WhatsApp Pay, customers can seamlessly complete the entire purchase without leaving the app. This significantly enhances the ease of doing business as it offers great opportunities to create a seamless experience for each customer. Businesses can add this feature to their site in order to attract more customers as it enhances transparency and offers a smooth transaction experience.

12. Set up auto-responses to increase lead conversion rates 

WhatsApp Business allows you to create Greeting & Away messages that can be automatically sent to customers who are trying to connect with your business. In this way, your customers can be greeted with a personalized message on their mobile device. Similarly, Away messages can educate customers about your business hours and keep them interested in connecting with your business later. In addition, WhatsApp API also allows you to automate responses to frequently asked queries and help resolve customer issues faster. All of these features give your business a chance to convert more leads into customers.

On the whole, WhatsApp Business API allows your business to grow and expand to a new level. It enhances your customer service experience and allows you to connect with your customers in a more personalized way. However, there is also a necessity to partner with an experienced WhatsApp Business Service provider to gain maximum benefit from the platform. If you are looking to integrate WhatsApp Business API and grow your business, you can contact Gallabox, one of the leading WhatsApp API service providers in India.

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