8 Inspirational Lottery Winner Success Stories

Lotteries Have Been Ruling The Market For A Long Time Now. People Buy Lotteries to try their luck. If they’re lucky enough, they end up being millionaires or even sometimes billionaires.

There are different lotteries available worldwide on the Lottoland Site and many other online lottery websites, and this culture is now spreading worldwide from the States & European region to Asian countries as well. It’s been a long time since lotteries are introduced in the region but now they’re gaining new popularity worldwide and specifically in the region as new platforms including digital platforms are here. Website & Mobile Applications.

  1. Cynthia – The Single Mother.

After Cynthia Stafford’s brother was killed in a road accident, she took custody of his 5 children and started raising them, along with it she was helping her dad in making the ends meet in running the household expenses.

She started visualizing how $112 Million could ease her problems. She started meditating by making 112 her lucky number. After 3 years, one fine day luck was kind enough to her and she won a lottery for 112 Million Dollars! She believes her prayers worked and the law of attraction helped her achieve her dream.

  1. Neal Wellness – The Coybow

In 2009, A cowboy named Neal Wellness was broke and wasn’t having enough money to get his property taxes done. His ranch was scattered and he was not having any basic capital to fix and make any renovations either. He decided to participate in a 5-dollar lottery ticket and decided on his lottery numbers on basis of his family members’ birth dates. Guess what? His risk paid off when he hit one of the highest known power balls, and ended up receiving almost 88.5 Million Dollars!

  1. Pearlie Mae Smith – The Socialist

Pearlie Mae Smith was raising her 7 children but along with it, she was a keen believer that she should always be paying back to Society. Her children, after Growing up followed the footstep of their mother and worked in soup kitchens and community gardens.

The family hit a lottery of $429 million! And started paying back the society by initializing a foundation in their hometown Trenton, New Jersey. The Smith Family Foundation was established working to improve the living standards of people living in their hometown.

  1. Les Robins – The School Teacher

Les Robins, a kind gentleman, was a high school teacher. He kept mentioning often that kids these days don’t have the activities, he used to do as children. Going to camps, sports, fishing, etc

When he hit a $111 million PowerBall, he started bringing joy to children by establishing his own 226 Acres Camp providing fun activities to children around him. It provides low-cost summer camps to the children around him and free of cost for those who couldn’t afford that.

  1. Florida Based Philanthropist

Sheelah Ryan won a lottery for almost 52 Million Dollars after spending her life as a lower middle-class being. It was a Florida State-based lottery and the highest amount any individual ever won.

She spent the last years of her life in spending it in philanthropist activities, establishing old age homes in her home, proving low-cost housing to those who couldn’t afford their houses, and spending for children who needed to be operated on but could not afford the cost of that.

  1. Grandparents Who Paid Tribute To Their Granddaughter

A couple of unlucky grandparents, Paul and Sue Rosenau, lost their granddaughter to an incurable disease. Krabbe Disease killed almost 100,000 newborns.

When the couple hit the Powerball and won $181.2 Million, they knew what exactly they wanted to do with the money. They started a foundation name The Legacy Of Angels and started awareness programs about the disease that took their granddaughter away, In a hope that they can save others from the agony they faced.

  1. Love Never Dies

A Canadian Man won a lottery of $40 Million and received the exact amount as lotteries are tax expected in Canada. Just 2 years before this lucky incident, Tom had lost his 44 years old wife to Cancer. He donated the entire amount to foundations working against cancer and curing those suffering from it. He paid tribute to his wife and proved his love for her even when she had left the mortal world.

  1. Tribute To The Parents

John & Linda Kutey’s were able to bag one of the biggest Mega Million Lottery in a lottery pool.

Even though after tax, the amount they received was the lowest amongst all, we have heard so far, $19 Million, they paid a tribute to their parents by replacing an old fountain park with a sprayed park where children could enjoy and dedicated it to the name of their parents.

So here were a few inspirational stories from the people who have won lotteries and proved that the money can be spent in a thousand ways where you are not spending it solely on yourself and you can always give back to the society.

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