IP Video Door Intercom: Definition and Operation


Any property manager will tell you that a reliable entry system is a must-have. However, deciding on a system might be difficult. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of IP video door intercoms and other options before making the investment.

Keep reading for more on IP video door intercom systems, conventional door intercoms, and other types of video-enabled building entrance systems.

What exactly is an IP video door intercom?

An IP video door intercom is a device that allows renters to answer calls from visitors at a building’s front entrance and remotely unlock the door using the internet. The internet protocol is used by IP door intercoms to send audio and video data between devices.

An IP video door intercom system is made up of the following components:

In-unit door intercoms:

The door intercom is the gadget that is installed in each tenant’s apartment. The door intercom is used by tenants to answer guests’ calls and remotely unlock the entrance.

The base station is the gadget that is positioned at the building’s entryway. It is used by visitors to contact a tenant and seek access.

Door release mechanism: 

To provide remote access, every door intercom system requires a door release mechanism. The mechanism unlocks the door when a renter hits the ‘door open’ button on their in-unit gadget.

What is the function of an IP video door intercom?

Before relatively recently, it was impossible to have an IP video door intercom. However, today’s technology allows for entry intercom systems to incorporate video and wireless internet capabilities. Unlike traditional doorbells, an IP door intercom can be used anywhere there is internet access. Since you won’t have to rip walls apart to run wires, the system’s installation will be less expensive.

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An IP video intercom works as follows:

  • If you install a door intercom system at your business, your employees will need training on how to use it. Some IP systems have a management portal where users can go to make changes to user permissions. On the other hand, some systems need human oversight at their physical location.
  • If the tenant directory is up-to-date, the door intercom can be used with little difficulty by visitors. Guests can look up the tenant on the device and dial directly to them (or the front desk of the building, if one is available). As long as the tenant is home to answer the call, the visitor can be let in remotely.
  • For tenants: When tenants are expecting a visitor or delivery, they need to stay near the door intercom device in their unit. The tenant simply answers the video call from the front door, presses a button on the IP video door intercom, and the door is unlocked from inside the building.

What makes a smart intercom-based system unique?

Forgoing traditional door intercom hardware in favor of a smart intercom app, IP video intercoms have become increasingly popular in recent years. Tenants will appreciate the reduced installation costs and the improved convenience.

Tenants are freed from the confines of their apartments by a video intercom system that sends calls directly to their mobile devices. Now, tenants can control their building’s entry system remotely, eliminating the possibility of missing important visitors or packages.

Investing in a reliable IP door entry system is a must.

By installing a reliable entry system, you can ensure the safety and convenience of your tenants, employees, and visitors. Also, an IP video intercom that works with a mobile app is preferable to a traditional doorbell intercom system, whether you’re replacing an old system or choosing one for a brand-new building.

Regular video door intercoms lack many of the useful features that IP video intercoms have. IP video calls leverage the speed and reliability of the internet to facilitate high-quality, two-way video calls that surpass those of any local hardware. With fewer devices, not only are installation costs reduced but safety and convenience are also improved.

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