3 IT Staffing Solutions for Tech Companies

There’s a tech skill gap and talent shortage.

In 2020, McKinsey published the result of a global survey that revealed 87% of companies had a skill gap or were expecting the same in a few years. The respondents were especially concerned about tech skill gaps, particularly in data analytics (43%) and in the areas of information technology (IT) and mobile/web design and management (26%). Likewise, Gartner’s 2021 survey revealed lack of talent as the most significant barrier to the adoption of emerging technologies.

If you’re wrestling with similar issues, tech recruitment agencies have IT staffing solutions to help you mitigate your tech skill gap and talent shortage.

Why Outsource Recruitment?

The short answer: efficiency.

Tech staffing agencies specialise in filling tech roles. Therefore, they have specialised tech domain knowledge and expertise. They know, without even asking you, what credentials and skills to look for in a security application engineer, business intelligence architect, full stack developer, or chief of digital.

This means they can make on-point job descriptions that will attract the right people to apply. Additionally, they can screen applicants with great precision and present you with only the most qualified candidates for your selection.

There’s one other thing that makes tech staffing agencies better than your in-house HR, even if you are a tech company and not merely hiring for the occasional tech post. Tech staffing agencies have a ready pool of tech talents to screen for your vacant position.

Tech recruitment companies have worked with many companies and filled many tech positions through the years. Thus, they have thousands of potential candidates in their database from the countless resumes and applications they have received and processed through the years. They also have an active candidate network that they maintain to have a pool of qualified tech talents to field when clients require it.

Therefore, tech recruiting firms do not merely rely on responses to job adverts. They don’t have to. They can also scan their databases for matching candidates.

These two things — their tech domain expertise and their ready pool of tech talents — mean tech staffing companies can send you candidates to interview much faster than your own HR department can.

IT Staffing Solutions to Choose From

Here are the three IT staffing solutions tech staffing companies can provide.

  1. Permanent Hire

If you have a permanent position open and you want to hire someone to fill it, this is the solution for you.

This is the traditional staffing solution. You will give your tech recruitment partner a list of the skills and attributes the person that will fill the job must have. You must also indicate your budget for the role and any other pertinent information that will influence your hiring decision.

Armed with information from you, the tech company will create an appropriate job description, post your job hiring adverts where the applicants are and scan their databases for matching candidates. It will then present you with your options, all the while proactively managing everything, including recruitment, hiring and post-placement, to ensure the new hire’s successful integration into your company.

Is Permanent Hire for You?

The permanent hire option is something to consider for long-term growth. It’s something you might want to opt for if your main goal is to address a crucial skill gap or prevent such a skill gap from forming. It is also the better option if hiring for a long-term role.

However, it can take time to find, choose, and onboard permanent hires. If your need is urgent and time is of the essence, you can try the next IT staffing solution.

  1. Contract to Hire

Think of this option as a combination of permanent hire and contract hire. Under this arrangement, the tech recruitment company also posts the job adverts, screens applicants, and shortlists candidates for client interviews.

Once the client has selected the person it wants for the job, the chosen employee is hired but placed on the staffing agency’s payroll — i.e., you will pay the staffing agency, and the staffing agency will pay the employee. Thus, even though the contract-to-hire employee is working on the client’s projects and, for all intents and purposes, is working for the client company, it draws its salary from the staffing agency.

If the employee has to relocate from another country (say, the employee is located in the United Kingdom while the client company is in Dubai), the staffing agency will take care of all the arrangements, including arranging the employee’s work permit and visa.

Like permanent hire, the position a contract-to-hire employee fills is essential to company operations. Unlike permanent hire, however, you initially fill the post with a contract employee, with the understanding that the contracted staff can become a permanent employee if things work out.

Thus, in a contract-to-hire arrangement, the contract hire can become a permanent hire. The employer and the employee understand this, although there is no guarantee on either side that the permanent hire position will push through.

Is Contract to Hire for You?

Contract to hire is an excellent strategy to fill short-term to medium-term human resource requirements. This is a great option if you need to fill a position urgently.

Contract to hire is also great if you’d prefer a discovery period before making a permanent hire decision.

  1. Remote Hire

In remote hire, the recruiting company can help you recruit tech staff from anywhere in the world.

Like the other options above, the recruitment agency finds and gathers job applicants to fill your vacancy and presents you with a shortlist of candidates to interview. The recruitment firm can also help you create a whole team of remote employees.

Once you have made your selection, the employees you chose will be hired and onboarded as remote employees. In other words, they will remain wherever they are instead of relocating to your headquarters.

Remote hires are effectively your employees. You can assign them work and put them in charge of projects. Do you need data on the value Dubai parents place on proximity to good schools when choosing where to live or buy real estate? You can let your remote employees work on that.

In other words, remote employees’ efforts are yours to direct, and their outputs are yours to control and use. However, remote employees will remain on the staffing agency’s payroll — i.e., you will pay the staffing agency, and the staffing agency will pay your remote employees.

Is Remote Hire for You?

This staffing solution is for you if you want access to a global pool of tech talents but don’t want to deal with compliant hiring issues.

Outsource Tech Recruitment

There’s a tech skill gap. If you find it challenging to hire tech talents, outsource your tech recruitment to a tech staffing agency. You can choose from their permanent hire, contract to hire, and remote hire IT staffing solutions.

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