Reasons To Grow Crab Apple Trees

Is growing crab apple trees in my garden worth it? Crab apples are traditional apples that do not only taste delicious but are easy to grow as well. When you are looking for fruit trees for sale that are a different, you should consider buying crab apple trees?

Where Can I Buy Crab Apple Trees?

Not all garden centres in the UK sell crab apple trees. If you are having a hard time finding crab apple trees for sale, searching for them online is a much better idea and leading UK grower sell crab apple trees.

They have been selling crab apple trees for many years. During that time, they have built up an in-depth knowledge of everything you need to know about crab apples. If there is anything you would like to know about crab apples, please feel free to contact them.

Can I Cook with Crab Apples?

Crab apples taste slightly different from regular apples. They are perhaps a little bit richer when compared to your average apple.

As a result, they are not very often eaten straight from the tree. Instead, they are used to make chutneys, jams and apple sauces.

The flavour experience you get from growing crab apple trees is second to none. It is more intense. You can add crab apples to savoury dishes including pork. Pork and crab apples go hand in hand. You may even want to have a go making your own sausages from crab apples and pork.

Are They Good for the Environment?

Crab apples are very tolerant fruit trees. They don’t seem to mind a generous mixture of cold and warm temperatures. With our changing climate in mind, you can say that they are the perfect fruit tree variety to grow to support our environment.

This tolerant and no-fuss tree is relatively fast growing. When it finds its perfect home, it likes to produce crab apples in abundance.

Crab apple trees also love to attract pollinators. Some varieties are more highly scented than others. It is the scent of the lovely flowers that will attract pollinators to your garden or orchard.

It is a great food source for birds and squirrels

Many varieties of Crab Apple trees are grown throughout the country. They provide a reliable display of colorful flowers in the spring and produce showy fruits into winter. The flowers can be red, white, pink, or purple and the fruits are one-half to two inches in size. The fruits are a valuable food source for many birds, squirrels, and deer. You can even attract birds to your yard with feeders that feature sunflower seeds and suet.

It is a beautiful tree

The Crab Apple tree is a versatile fruit tree with beautiful flowers and a luscious red fruit. It is a good choice for gardens, patios, and lawns. Some cultivars have multiple flowering seasons. Some are even drought tolerant. The ‘Evereste’ cultivar has large white flowers, followed by red fruits. This variety has an upright, conical growth habit.

It is hardy

The crab apple is an excellent choice for the landscape, as it is very hardy and can fit in small yards. The tree produces attractive blossoms in the spring, and the fruit remains on the tree well into the winter. Some cultivars are more disease resistant than others.

In Conclusion

When it comes to fruit trees for sale, crab apples trees are quickly becoming one of the more sought after trees. If you don’t already have one in your garden, perhaps you should consider planting one or two. Crab apple tree growing advice is available from fruit tree specialist Chris Bowers and Sons.

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