Social Media Video Marketing Facts You Should Know

Social media is a perfect place to market your business with a video. So, are you ready to read some nerd stuff about video marketing on these channels? We will talk about the overall performance of the videos and individual platforms that can help you understand how they can help you.

Our coverage will be on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.   

Why Videos?

Videos are a more light-hearted way to convey your company’s message to your audience. So, using this method is known for amazing results on investment for your marketing. Some stats to prove:

  • 58 percent of users would like to watch more video content from creators.
  •  58 percent of users would watch every under-1-minute video from a company.
  • 78 percent would watch explainer videos about products on social media.
  • 35 % of North American marketers would use Live videos for business-to-business marketing. 
  • 83 % are more likely to buy after watching a video from a business. 
  • Videos normally get 2X more reach than videos.
  • 44 % of creators use an iPhone device to produce videos. 

45 out of a hundred companies have 2 to 5 people for production. 25 % of people consider Live video an important asset for marketing. Millions of brands use videos for awareness, and Youtube is a must for the purpose. 

Around 2 thirds of creators own production equipment for videos. At the same time, 1 third of them use in-house teams for video content creation. Around half of marketers creating such content would like to use an agency.

Around 2 thirds of these creators believe that their agency improved the video quality of their content. 30 % of creators take around 2 weeks to finish a video production.

Instagram Facts

Instagram is one of the best social platforms for marketing with video. There are more than 200 million plus businesses online that also love creating such content. It is a perfect place to use it, with more than 1.9 billion active users.

There are 500 million users of Stories worldwide a day, which shows the importance of video content. Females are 48 % of the total number of users online. Around 22 percent of American Instagram users are between 25 to 34. Around 1 third of Instagram users are between 18 to 25 years of age.

The statistics say that 17 percent of the world’s population is on Instagram. Around 2 thirds of US teens use Instagram. The same percentage of businesses use Instagram for marketing. 

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Instagram earned 26 billion dollars in revenue in 2021, which shows the importance of the platform. 200 million users visit one business profile daily on the platform. A great number of these users come from Stories and other video content.

There are 0.5 million influencers on the platform, and 25 percent of sponsored posts are in the fashion niche. 18 out of every hundred marketers believe Instagram to be the best method to use influencer marketing.

These facts tell how this platform has worked towards creating a great result for marketing. 

Facebook Stats

Facebook is a perfect place to post video content, and it has 1.2 billion video users per month. 2 to 5 minutes videos get the best engagement. 85 of hundred videos are watched without sound. 

Square video format gets 35 percent more views on the platform. 76 out of 100 video ads need sound to be understood. 12 out of every hundred businesses use live videos. Videos have more attraction than other content. 

Around half of Americans watch videos on Facebook. The longest top video is 12 minutes on the platform. The shortest video in the top 100 videos is a 16 seconds video. 

Linked in Facts

Linkedin is another social platform that you can use for marketing with visuals. More than half of marketers use video marketing on Linkedin. Millions of marketers considered it the best platform for video marketing. 

87 out of a hundred like a platform for return on investment for video content. Such content is also considered more important than text. Video is shared 20 times more than other types of content. 

It also gets three times more engagement than text content. Videos also get 5 times more comments than other types of content. Half of the marketers use it for marketing on Linkedin. 

YouTube Video Stats

Youtube is one of the top platforms that use videos for marketing. 1 billion hours of videos are watched daily on this platform. The biggest number of concurrent views on the platform during a space X project.

Around one-third of videos that watch here come from mobile devices. The same percentage of content is recommended by the algorithm. 45 percent of users on the platform are females. 

The statistics also say that the users who watch 30 seconds videos in ads are 23 times more likely to visit the channel. They also would like to subscribe to the channel more often. 73% of American adults use this platform in one way or another. At the same time, 77 % of internet users between 15 to 35 years of age in the United States of America use YouTube. 

Final Thoughts 

Videos are a great way to get more sales for your marketing efforts on social platforms. Try using social platforms with videos that have made new records of success for marketers. So, marketing with this type of content is a major attraction for users.

We discussed some of the top stats that prove the success and tendency toward such content. You can read about Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms for video.

Try Instagram likes uk, as this purchase will help you get a perfect promotion. Use all platforms that use videos and make it one of the top types of content. 

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