The latest craft sours you need to try

Maybe it’s the long summer evenings or maybe we’ve just all become beer aficionados since lockdown, but sour beers seem to be the hot topic of conversation lately. Anyone that’s a sucker for creative beer labels will be drawn to most summer sours, but trust us, it’s the flavor profiles that’ll have you coming back for more. Acidic and fruity is where it’s at folks, so consider all things tart when you next buy beer online. Here are the latest craft sours you need to try!

3 Ravens Cola Creamsicle

When a brewery describes its creation as ‘silky’, ‘fluffy’ and ‘creamy’, you know you’re onto a winner! Aside from its groovy packaging, this craft brew delivers a deliciously tart and acidic mouthfeel combined perfectly with a slightly spicy and fruity flavor. It’s basically your favorite ice cream in adult form – every sip will feel like summer. Relive your childhood beach trips with this one when you buy alcohol online from Hairydog!

Lost Palms Stone Fruit Sour

If you’re a fan of mango smoothies (we’re judging you if you’re not) then this is the sour beer for you! Packed with bucket loads of mango, apricot and peach, this brew is a total juice bomb with a creamy, silky finish. Leaning more on the fruity side and not too sour, this is a good one for those getting their feet (or tongue) wet in the craft sour world. Pop it in a juice glass and count it as your five-a-day, we won’t tell anyone.

Aether Brewing Summer of Sours Nelson Sauvin Sour IPA

If you’re struggling with saying the name, then get your mouth around the liquid instead, you won’t be disappointed! Born out of Queensland, the Nelson Sauvin Sour is a hybrid brew, combining two popular styles of craft beer. There’s a lot ‘hop-pening’- in this beer, with a golden jam-like flavour front and centre, beautifully offset with mild bitterness and a subtle malt finish. If a clean, crisp sour beer is your thing, then Nelson is your guy!


Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait

Due to its understated packaging, at first glance, this beer is probably one of the most intriguing on the list. Don’t underestimate this Belgian Beauty, however, as it brings a whole new level of excellence to the craft beer category. Boon has managed to incorporate unique fruits like wild cherries and a high ABV while still pulling off an outstanding, smooth beer that’s easy to drink. The brewery uses traditional Lambic fermentation techniques, so take it nice and ‘yeasty’ when you’re pouring it into a glass!

Rodenbach Alexander

As one of the best beers this brewery has ever made, the Rodenbach Alexander is something special. Another Belgium belter, it was originally brewed for the last time back in 2000, so you could say people were drinking a little time capsule of sour goodness. However, we guess people just couldn’t get enough of those sour cherries, and the beer is back by tremendous demand! The perfect balance of sour beer and deep red fruit, its resemblance to burgundy wine makes it a top match for cheese, deserts and in particular, duck dishes.

Bad Shepherd White Sangria Sour

With their Peanut Butter Porter ranking in the 2021 GABS, it’s no surprise that the brewmasters at Bad Shepherd also have a vibrant, sour beer on people’s radar! The label on this beer just screams ‘party’. It’s not just the can that’s bursting with energy – juicy citrus and stone fruits collide to make this one lively bevvy! Apples, grapes, oranges and peaches unite to give us drinkers our fruity fix while still nailing the dry white, wine-like finish you expect from sangria.

Hope Brewery Imperial Pink Grapefruit Sour

Thanks to the explosion of gin in Australia over the last few years, pink grapefruit has been the new go-to fruit for lots of alcohol enthusiasts. We’ve gotten used to seeing it take pride of place in every ridiculously oversized gin glass, but to have it in a sour beer? Now that got our attention! It’s described as a “new world sour beer” and we can certainly taste why. The unique combination of a refreshing, imperial beer with super sour and juicy pink grapefruit really makes this a sip above the rest.

Little Bang Solera Cherry Kriek

Finishing this list with a serious fizzer from Little Bang Brewery –  and another one for the cherry fiends! A taste of Belgian brewing principles born out of Adelaide, the Solera Cherry Kriek is a balanced mix of everything you’d expect from an easy-drinking sour beer. Sweet, tart and acidic, with a vibrant, ruby red colour, its flavour profile will have you wanting more. Expect high quality and a full-bodied taste and trust, you won’t look back.

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