Employee Scheduling

Smart workplaces demand smart solutions. And if you are still creating employee schedules manually, you are losing valuable time and resources. 

According to a QuickBooks survey, managers spend up to 12 hours every week making schedules. That is more than a day every week on just one task.

Manual scheduling can also complicate other tasks like – 

  • Managing the budget.
  • Creating productive schedules.
  • Anticipating schedules based on different projects and their priorities.
  • Distributing tasks effectively among employees to prevent overburdening.
  • Scheduling the right task to the right employee.
  • Managing and scheduling off days.

In such cases, innovative and smart software solutions come to the rescue. Employee scheduling solutions help companies administer and manage employees’ work schedules effectively. And if you are looking to make a switch to a smart solution and take your workplace to the next level, here are the top five employee scheduling solutions you need to check out- 

Sense HR

Sense HR is an HR software provider that helps to streamline and optimize the scheduling process for businesses of all sizes. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Sense HR enables managers to create efficient and accurate employee schedules in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually. With features such as reminders, alerts, and automation SenseHR can help you ensure that time-sensitive performance reviews are completed by their deadline. You can schedule automatic workflows that ensure performance reviews are kicked off at the appropriate time, while alerts and reminders prompt all participants to submit their responses. Moreover, Sense HR provides tools for budget management, project prioritization, and task distribution, allowing businesses to maximize productivity and prevent overburdening their workforce. With Sense HR, companies can elevate their work to new heights by embracing the power of smart scheduling solutions.


WorkInSync is an employee scheduling solution that specifically caters to the basic needs of a hybrid workplace. Post-pandemic, there has been an increasing emphasis on providing safe working conditions for employees. 

WorkInSync delivers on these demands by offering innovative features like requesting sanitization of the office space through a mobile app. Its vaccination tracker, health questionnaire, and contactless access management ensure a safe environment for all workers.

WorkInSync’s employee scheduling solution offers some of the best benefits for hybrid workplaces. The solution schedules employees based on their skill sets, work speed, and availability. It also helps managers process requests on a single platform. 

The scheduling solution generates automated reports that allow companies to improve productivity and generate better ROI.

Homebase was founded in 2015 and provides employee scheduling solutions to companies with limited locations. Their price structure allows companies to pay per location instead of per employee.

Additionally, for businesses that have a small budget, analyzing real-time labor costs is very helpful. Homebase is an employee scheduling solution that lets you anticipate the budget and cut costs by resolving staffing challenges. You can also integrate your sales data forecasts to build a schedule around labor targets and project priorities.


The brand offers a free plan that gives a head-start on scheduling work efficiently. But the paid plans are also affordable, making it one of the most favorable employee scheduling solutions in the market.


Connect Team is an employee scheduling solution suitable for businesses with deskless workforces. This means that most of your employees work in the field rather than behind desks.

The solution’s hybrid pricing offers a fixed price for up to the first 50 users. After that, Connecteams charges separately for each employee. However, the basic scheduling package is free. Larger companies can choose the enterprise plan, which includes more features like unlimited clock time, schedules, and attachments.

The mobile app also comes with an in-built translation service to support multi-lingual workforces and eliminate language barriers.


Paycor is an employee scheduling solution ideal for HR leaders of small to medium-size businesses. The Paycor software helps leaders recruit, manage, pay, and develop their teams. It allows HR teams to automate specific tasks like generating payroll.

Paycor integrates employees’ data into one platform. This means that HRs do not have to switch platforms or maintain multiple spreadsheets. The basic plan covers up to 10 employees; however, no free trials are available to test the employee scheduling solution Paycor provides.


Deputy is one of the top employee scheduling solutions that helps companies centralize employee communication systems. It offers web-based solutions that simplify scheduling, employee communication, and task management. 

To Conclude 

An employee scheduling solution is a significant investment. So, before making a final decision, list down your requirements and select a solution that best fits your business. Remember, the best employee scheduling solution will resolve scheduling errors, improve team communications, and cut unnecessary costs to maximize ROI.

WorkInSync employee scheduling software has everything you need for a seamless workforce management. The user friendly employee scheduling app comes with features like approval workflow, shift schedule, time off requests and more. The scheduling tool from WorkInSync allows employees to book and swap shifts. 

Interested to learn how our employee scheduling feature can help you? Opt for a demo to get a detailed know-how. 

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