Lately, there is a surge in demand for standees among individuals and business owners.  Even though it might seem something new if you are trying your hand at a business for the first time, there is more to standees than meets the eye. These displays come in handy while promoting events or advertising products to your target audience.

No wonder you can never risk skimping on what they can do for your business when running a marketing campaign. Unfortunately, creating standees from scratch can feel like an uphill task. While you want to design the standees in line with your needs, doing things single-handedly can prove costly.

Furthermore, designing the perfect standees to use can eat into your precious time. Rather than turning a blind eye as this happens, why not buy a custom standee and save yourself the hassle? All it takes is to find a reputable standee printing company, and you’re good to go. With that said, below are a few things to consider when buying custom standees for your marketing or advertising campaign.

  • Define Your Marketing Goals

Before you even think about buying custom standees, it is in your best interest to determine why you need them in the first place. Do you want it as a one-time marketing tool for your brand or business? If so, you are better off buying a standee made from disposable and cheaper material.

Things tend to be different if you want to use the standee repeatedly since a cheaper material is counteractive. In this case, ask your standee printing company to use a substantial material like wood. A reputable printing company will boast standees from 4 kinds of wood i.e., Brazilian Rosewood, Cherry wood, Pine, and Ashwood.

  • Consider Your Budget

If this is your first time ordering custom standees, you may not know what to expect in terms of cost. However, this should never be the underlying reason behind your woes since many factors determine the cost of a standee.  Among the notable ones include, the size, shape, finishing specs, and quantity.

As a rule of thumb, always define your budget for custom standees before contacting a printing company. You can then discuss this with the printing company to see what best fits your budget.  That way, you can use custom standees as a marketing tool without breaking the bank.

  • Quality Matters

If you have had the chance to use a standee display before, you can attest that it is dramatic and eye-catching. And they should be just that to capture the attention of customers and prospects. But for this to happen, always ensure the standees are of the highest printing quality. Anything less than this is a red flag, and you need to look elsewhere.

You want to get the most from a custom acrylic standee while using it to display the goods and products you have available for customers. After all, it boasts a stylish and transparent feature. Furthermore, it is durable and will serve your business long enough.

However, this can never happen when the print quality is poor. To have a smooth ride when using custom standees for advertising and marketing purposes, ensure the print quality is superb. That way, it will stand out and help give your competitors a run for their money without the hassle.


The Bottom Line

Standee displays offer the potential for a big payoff as long as you use them efficiently.  Since it takes up more room and demands attention, always design it perfectly to make a lasting impression that boosts your efforts. No wonder you should never make the mistake of buying custom standees blindly.

You want to get a better return on your investment while using custom standees as a marketing tool, and it is possible if you count on a reputable printing company.  While it is tempting to leverage the first standee printing company you find, try as much as possible to avoid this urge.  

And this is easy to see as you might never get what you expect. So, be sure to factor in the above and other things the next time you invest in custom standees.

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