Top 10 B2B Marketplaces to Boost Your Business Sales In 2022

All businesses know the importance of eCommerce. The significance of e-commerce increases tenfold during a pandemic. In the world of the online marketplace, as compared to B2C, the B2b marketplace has gained great success in the least amount of time. According to the market research report, in the last two years, the growth of every third b2b manufacturer has increased up to 25%. So, it will be great for any business to choose the b2b marketplace to do business.

Best B2B Marketplaces to grow your sales

If you are a new businessman, you might face difficulty choosing the best b2b marketplace. This blog can help you decide on the finest business-to-business website for your brand. Here, you will discover all the necessary information on the top b2b marketplace that can help you expand your company sales.

  1. eWorldTrade
  2. Alibaba
  3. Global Sources
  4. IndiaMart
  5. Amazon
  6. Tradekey
  7. ExportHub
  8. Taiwan Trade
  9. DHgate
  10. ThomasNet

1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is the most prominent b2b marketplace that can benefit your business. With more than one million traders, this marketplace allows the retailor, whole seller, and distributor from all over the world to work on a single platform. Their flexible payment options help the trader to have a hassle-free experience.

The primary reason numerous new businesses select world trade is because of their wide range of product categories. You can buy and sell anything from jewelry, chemical, food and beverage, apparel, home appliance, machinery, security, electronics, furniture, and tech products on this website.

eWorldTrade delivers outstanding customer support services, and their AI-integrated chatbots can enable you to interact directly with a salesperson. The design of this website is user-friendly, and even if you are buying or selling for the first time, you must choose this website for the best experience.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the leading B2b marketplaces that need no introduction. Although this website is based in China, it encourages users from all over the world, to use this platform. They have a wide variety of products and provide discount and promo offers to their buyer.

In China, the cost of Labor is less, which is the reason why the Chinese merchant sells millions of high-quality products at low prices.

3. Global Sources

If you are a wholesaler from Asia, Global Source can be the best b2b marketplace for your business. Most sellers are from China, but they offer their products globally. This website placed great emphasis on security and privacy issue. So, you can add your credit card detail without any worry.

4. eBay

The international client prefers eBay for buying and selling because of its user-friendly and easy navigation website. The main reason for their success is they provide fast and quick deliveries to their buyer. They also offer a wide range of secure payment systems. Many small businesses got great success by using eBay

5. IndiaMart

After China, India is the most populated country in the world. So, many b2b platforms provide services to Indian users, but India Mart is considered to be the biggest b2b marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers.

It’s been 26 years since IndiaMart has been working in e-commerce. This platform has credible traders that are trading for several years. You can buy a vast range of products from diverse categories ranging from electronic, apparel, machinery, and tech products.

6. Amazon

It might not be wrong to say that Amazon is one of the world’s best b2b marketplace. The Amazon team has strict rules for traders and takes prompt action against the seller if they are caught selling a low-quality product. Because of this reason, the owner of Amazon is the world’s third-richest person. If you want to sell in the b2b marketplace, choose amazon but make sure that you sell authentic and high-quality products.

7. Made in China

As the name suggests, this marketplace has an extensive number of distributors, retailers, and wholesalers from China. The wide range of products and exceptional user reviews have helped them in achieving tremendous success globally.

8. ExportHub

If you want the best user experience, you must select ExportHub for your B2B business. This platform provides their buyer wide range of products. Their customer support is available for everyone 24 hours a day for 7 days. If you are a supplier, you can take their premium membership to use their H2H assistance and digital marketing services.

9. Taiwan Trade

Taiwan Trade is based in Taiwan and is one of the most trustworthy platforms that engage retailers across the seven continents. If you are a new seller, you can buy anything from this platform without making much effort.

10. DHgate

If you have a small and medium-size business, then DHgate is the best platform for you to sell your products. On this platform, thousands of merchants are selling their products under hundreds of categories. Although most merchants are from china, they encourage buying and selling globally.


You can easily boost your business by using a b2b marketplace but make sure that you deal in original products otherwise these platforms cannot help you withstanding your competition.

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