Step Up Your Style Game: The Ultimate Guide To Sneakers for Men

In the 21st century, it is hard to imagine anyone’s shoe rack devoid of at least one pair of sneakers. From grandmas to little kids, every human on Earth owns a pair. When the ‘plimsolls,’ the precursor to modern sneakers, were made in the 19th century, they quickly rose in popularity for comfort and became a go-to for sportsmen. Commoners soon started wearing athletic shoes for leisure activities, and the word ‘sneakers’ came into existence thanks to American advertising agent Henry Nelson McKinney. 

However, sneakers have always been an essential part of sports, and famous sportspersons’ endorsements have increased their popularity exponentially. Be it Chuck Taylor’s Converse or Michael Jordan’s Nike. Post-war, high schoolers started wearing sneakers to school, which allowed companies to start creating sneakers for everyday usage. The purpose was to make them comfortable and suitable for activities like jogging, running, and walking. Slowly, sneakers found a permanent place in every person’s shoe collection.

The variety of sneakers available today ensures they can be worn for every occasion. Slip-on, low-tops, high-tops, tennis, athletic, and more can be paired perfectly with any casual, formal, or traditional outfit to create an ensemble that reflects the wearer’s personality. 

If you are new to the sneaker culture and want to become a permanent member, here is a guide to sneakers for men to help you figure out your style.

Tennis Sneakers

These are the most classic sneakers. The white trainers that you like to work with all your outfits belong to this category. They were first created for seamen to counter the slippery deck and the constant rocking of the ship. The name ‘tennis shoes’ comes from the fact that sportsmen started using these shoes on tennis courts due to their superior grip. 

Classic tennis sneakers for men can be found in a huge variety of colours, designs, and patterns. The main aspect that distinguishes these from all others is the iconic shape and build. These shoes are timeless staples. They are simple, extremely versatile, and great for dressing up or down. Wear them with a suit for a casual touch, or pop them on to create the perfect athleisure outfit. 

Skate Shoes

They were designed specifically for skateboarders since they needed a sneaker to provide good traction for all their tricks. These are usually low-tops without ankle support and are best suited for everyday comfortable wear. Vans and Converse are the biggest examples of iconic skate sneakers for men. 

Since leather shoes were worn on special occasions, made a lot of noise, and were not suitable for daily wear, the skate shoes rose to popularity since they were made of lighter material, provided comfort, were durable, and suited all daily activities. They have thicker soles and wider tongues for added protection and stability while doing tricks. 


Also called the ‘basketball sneaker’, high-tops have a higher ankle than other sneakers for added ankle support while playing games. Most basketball stars endorse high-top sneakers. Some of the most popular high-tops are offered by Puma, Nike and Adidas. 

With a sturdy, durable fit, the ankle of the basketball sneakers for men can extend up to 10 inches, based on the wearer’s choice. The lacing continues up the shoe, and some sneakers have additional closure support, like a Velcro strap at the top. If you want to flaunt your sneakers, buy a high-top and incorporate it as a statement piece in your outfit. 


These sneakers for men were created as a quick alternative to the time-consuming task of lacing up the shoe. Slip-ons combine convenience, style, and comfort. With the shape and design of your favourite sneaker, the slip-ons exclude the laces for those who are always on the go. As the name suggests, you slip on these shoes and step out the door in seconds.

Slip-ons were popularised by Vans when they introduced their iconic canvas slip-ons. Today you can find them in a variety of materials, including suede which pairs best with shorts and chinos. You can pair navy slip-ons with a white shirt and beige chinos for a clean, sophisticated, vacation-ready look. 

Athletic Sneakers

Casual sneakers are not suitable for athletic activities. Athletic sneakers for men, on the contrary, are specially made to offer optimum performance, balance, and support for different types of sports or exercise. These sports shoes are made based on each sport and the amount of usage to provide the perfect fit. 

Running, walking, jogging, marathon, and other physical activities require specialised construction that normal sneakers do not provide. As technology developed, companies like New Balance, ASICS, and more started manufacturing athletic shoes that were created solely to provide comfort and boost performance. Athletic shoes add a sporty touch to your outfit. Whether you use them for your morning run or pair them with any casual outfit, comfort will be at its peak, and so will your style.

Designer Sneakers

As sneakers started becoming a staple in every wardrobe, luxury brands came out with their own designer sneakers. These have a distinct, bold, chunky, and eye-catching style. These shoes use top-quality materials and cost a pretty penny. Practical usage is not a priority with designer shoes, but rather the brand name and the style make them a collector’s piece.

Balenciaga is a popular name when it comes to designer sneakers for men. They create chunky, exaggerated silhouettes that give the sneakers a bulky, bold look. Celebrities often collaborate with designer brands to develop their own sneaker collection. If you want a true statement piece, designer shoes should be your first choice since they are made for showing off.


You can also find leather shoes and boots with sneaker soles that perfectly blend casual and formal. Whatever your personal style, a sneaker is a perfect way to bring the outfit together. Whether you want a pair for comfort, style, or functionality, sneakers for men have something in store for everyone. These shoes will never go out of fashion, so buy a pair of fancy sneakers for men and elevate your style to the next level.

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