What can you do with a molle velcro panel

A molle velcro panel can be used to make all kinds of things, from bags to wallets, hats, and even phone cases and other electronics accessories! You can do lots of things with these fun little panels that you can attach to all sorts of things. Let’s learn more about what you can do with a molle velcro panel in this article today!

Molle Velcro Panel Options

Molle Velcro Panels offer you a variety of options when it comes to designing your tactical gear. They are an excellent choice for adding extra utility to your existing gear or equipment bags. This is because they attach seamlessly to these items and allow you to add additional features like pouches, holsters, etc. Molle panels come in all shapes and sizes and allow for customizable solutions that fit your individual needs. They are available in hundreds of styles and designs so finding one that suits your specific requirements will be easy. Some feature built-in padding for added comfort while others have multiple pockets for storing extra accessories like batteries, first aid kits, tools, etc. Finding gear with lots of storage room has never been easier thanks to molle panels available at TacticalGearHQ today!

Water Bottle Holder

The velcro molle panel on your hiking backpack is built to carry everything from water bottles to portable camping stoves. But why not use it for another handy piece of equipment, like your car key? Simply stick your key to one of these panels and wrap it around so that it’s easy to access in case of emergency or an impromptu trip into town. No need to carry bulky keychains or fiddle with locks—simply fish out your keys and be on your way. And if you’re worried about damaging your bag, these panels are designed specifically for regular wear and tear and are surprisingly sturdy. A Word About Velcro: Just because velcro is great for use as a water bottle holder doesn’t mean it should be used anywhere else on a bag, however.

Flashlight Holder

First off, forget about taking your tactical flashlight on hikes or camping trips. Your flashlight is too valuable to be jostled around in your backpack. Instead, make sure it’s secure and accessible by using a molle velcro panel to mount it to your pack or tactical vest. This will keep your hands free and allow for easy access in an emergency.

Radio Pouch

Molle (pronounced moll-ee) webbing is a modular system used to create attachments for gear. It consists of small plastic straps about 1 wide that use loops of varying sizes to connect them, creating an array of places to attach other gear or equipment. It’s most commonly used on tactical vests and bags, but can be found on backpacks, belts, bags, holsters… pretty much anything you’re likely to attach something else to. Molle webbing gives users flexibility in carrying gear and allows easy access while wearing gloves or other protective garments. If your bag has multiple compartments, it’s likely that at least one will feature molle webbing as well.

Compass Pouch

A common use for a molle velcro panel is to create a small pouch that fits onto your shoulder strap or waist band. Inserting small equipment and supplies into these pouches gives you quick and easy access while on-the-go. The compass pouch is an essential item to have in your tactical vest, as it keeps all of your important gear close at hand. In an emergency situation, it’s necessary to locate and retrieve equipment fast – most likely under stress and pressure – so keeping everything organized is imperative! While many velcro molle panel are made from nylon, some manufacturers offer non-slip versions that fit directly over leather gun belts for added stability when carrying heavy weapons.

Magazine Pouch

The magazine pouch was designed for U.S. military personnel carrying weapons like an M4 or M16 and its cousin, but today these pouches have evolved to hold cameras, binoculars, flashlights and more. These pouches can be found on many civilian products as well. Magazine pouches are usually located on some sort of vest but they also appear on day packs, laptop bags and sometimes even book bags. Velcro Molle Panels are great places to attach your magazine pouch because then you’ll always know where it is and won’t have to dig through all your gear trying to find it when it comes time to reloading your weapon during a firefight.

Cell Phone / Wallet Pouch

How about putting your cell phone and wallet in one pouch so you don’t have to carry anything extra? Plus, having a cell phone nearby when exercising is important if your plan includes calling someone for help or tweeting about how out of shape you are. Of course, leaving your valuables unattended at any time is never advised, so be careful where you stash them. And as an added bonus, that way there’s no confusion over whether or not it’s okay to pick up pizza while waiting on Google maps at 2am (the answer will always be yes).

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