Why invest in Waterfront district Blue world city


Blue World City Islamabad, the crown jewel of the BGC-IGC Partnership, is a cutting-edge new accommodation venture with everything you could possibly need. The Blue World City project started offering Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis an exclusive quality of life at within means pricing. By acknowledging cutting-edge traveller spots to promote tourism.

The Waterfront district offers top-tier properties to deal with a peaceful setting and top-notch architecture. However, the society’s focal point, the Water Front District, is close to the Water front blue world city.

Residents and travellers appreciate the fantastic cafes and inns in the waterfront region, which provide spectacular scenery of Charleston Harbor and the nearby beaches. To experience the view firsthand, sign up for an underwater tour or cruise the boardwalk. Then, get away from the chaos and enjoy some magnificence.

Developers and owners

The Blue Group of Companies is steadfast in their efforts to create a setting that satisfies investors’ needs for a comfortable living atmosphere and makes it easy for them to utilise the high-end features. The developers are also collaborating with a Chinese company. Investors trust the developers’ superior work as a result.

NOC development

The project is safe and legal, as RDA will approve the NOC for the  Waterfront District Block. The plan did, however, initially get approval to build on 427 Kanals of property. In addition, the housing venture NOC developed further because the society administration again submitted a planning application to the authorities.

Location of Waterfront

The location of the Waterfront District is essential because it will allow the locals to enjoy the captivating views of the nearby waterfalls. Moreover, the block is easily accessible to the twin cities’ primary hubs. Direct access to the waterfront district is available from Chakri Interchange and the M2 highway.

Assecibility from various site

The waterfront district is in an ideal position for the residents of the twin cities. This society is accessible to them. Following are the sites from which you can reach this society.

  • Kashmir Highway
  • Islamabad International Airport (New)
  • Chakri interchange
  • Islamabad-Lahore M2 motorway

Plots Available

The plots in the Blue World City Waterfront District Block are beautifully sized and has situated in a desirable area for residential development. The Waterfront District is a vision of never-never land where the sun rises on blue water every morning to wake you up. The speed and intensity of the revolving cascades at night create a breathtaking spectacle. The Waterfront Block in Blue World City reportedly sells homes measuring 6, 12, and 18 marlas.

Unique Features

Blue World City Islamabad is a good neighbourhood that combines tranquilly, elegance, magnificence, and exciting activities. The Waterfront region offers top-tier homes and businesses with a peaceful setting and cutting-edge innovation.

  • Bending fountains
  • Floating restaurants
  • World Class architecture
  • Movies theather
  • Food street on the waterside
  • Water sport clubs
  • Shopping centre
  • Sidewalk

Conveniences offered in the Waterfront district

Blue World City’s Waterfront District Block gives inhabitants an entree to the mesmerising sights of the lake and scenery. The neighbourhood offers tranquilly, elegance, refinement, and lovely homes at reasonable prices.  Waterfront District has qualities that make it a suitable location for residing with beloved.

Affordable prices

There are trustworthy homes available at fair prices. Liquidity stability is another consideration for developers. In addition, the district exists to safeguard the inhabitants and provide for their housing demands. The most commendable service is the funding plan, which will streamline the acquiring process. To begin the transaction, the customers must provide payment. As a result, prospective inhabitants will choose this project as their primary housing alternative.

Provision of Basics

The developers are employed to design the ideal setting and satisfy the residential project’s inhabitants’ requirements. The management ensures that everyone can live comfortably for a long time. They have long-term arrangements for power, water, and gas supply. The most significant factor may be the accessibility of these services. Living here will set a standard for a better living.

Grand Mosque

 The management decides to extend the resident’s religious aspirations outside their houses. Furthermore, the developer built the Grand Mosques with excellent infrastructure, enabling potential residents to fulfil their religious obligations.

Healthcare provision

Every inhabitant in the society will have access to the best medical care facilities, especially in the Waterfront district, the likelihood that you’ll get the world’s best hospital care and raise your standard of living. 

Academic facilities

The developers provide economic elevated home improvement projects that will raise livelihood. Additionally, various educational institutions will be accessible to aid in obtaining higher knowledge. The institution will charge fair prices. The programme needs to abide by world standards. So, financial investment is necessary to live a high-class lifestyle.

Park and recreational activities

The management wants to provide the residents with the most extraordinary living circumstances and build beautiful parks and playgrounds. People will also start practising better lifestyles by improving their quality of life. Owners give their health the utmost priority before purchasing a property. And the purpose of this residency programme is to support fitness objectives. 


The most contemporary and opulent interior setting has provided by Blue world city water front block neighbourhood, which is also quite accessible. The developer also intends to sell the homes to locals for reasonable costs. The housing business offers several benefits and conveniences. Additionally, investors can live a luxurious life with very little money. A settlement amount will, most critically, raise everyone’s standard of living, especially investors.

The sites and residences have top-notch features and amenities. Therefore, purchasing in this block will be the smartest choice for all of us as it will be cost-effective and a superb location to reside within.

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