Why is Automate Salesforce Testing so beneficial?

Automated Salesforce testing helps in reducing manual testing efforts for both Classic and Lightning. The automation testing of Salesforce instantly generates the test cases based on critical business processes and turns them into automated test scripts with one click. 

With automated Salesforce testing:

  • Anyone can streamline their Salesforce batch updates and platform updates without having to manually maintain scripts.
  • The business usual testing can also be enabled by Salesforce admins to run regression tests with every application change.
  • These tests send clear certification reports that let everyone know when they are ready to push Salesforce updates to production.
  •  They are highly compatible with Classic and Lightning which handles complex controls for both versions with a single composite function.

Opkey is one of the major platforms for automated Salesforce testing. It supports over 14 packaged apps and 150 technologies. Opkey empowers people to automate single-app and cross-app tests without coding. One can easily empower their Salesforce developers to be more productive with Opkey. 

·         It provides 15 times faster application updates.

·         It has 1 million annual testing cost savings.

·         It also leads to a 92 percent reduction in app downtime risk.

Discovery is now instant and easy

Opkey plugs into the environment to immediately discover the unique configurations and legacy tests. These tests also mine the process logs to identify gaps in coverages.

How do they Fill in the gaps?

Based on everyone’s unique configurations, the autonomous test components are created. This mainly eliminates the need for prolonged business process documentation sessions and complex excel spreadsheets.

Creation is no longer a big deal

For the remaining gaps in the coverage, the Opkey’s no-code interface empowers any employee to create reusable test scripts for both Classic and Lightning versions of Salesforce. They can use the drag-and-drop interface to intuitively build any tests. They can also use these test recorders to automatically document browser sessions.

Maintenance is effortless

Sustaining the Salesforce test automation program with the help of AI is not a very difficult task. It reduces test maintenance efforts by 80 percent with self-healing scripts.

It auto-generates reports, collaborates across departments, and raises tickets without leaving the actual platform.

What are the basic needs of automation testing salesforce?

One can easily handle all their Salesforce modules from one interface by using the Salesforce testing tool. It works across Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, and Billing. One can also handle the most complex customizations in Salesforce, even without a single line of code.

The meta-driven test driver provides 8-point SFDC object identification and 200+ SFDC keywords that help everyone test Salesforce with confidence.

Automated impact analysis for every Salesforce update automatically detects changes and maintains scripts to accommodate them.

This empowers the developers to catch 30 percent more defects with the developer tools, impact analysis, chrome extension, and dependency trees.


Push changes more frequently with Salesforce test automation. Also, make regression testing effortless  with automated Salesforce frameworks like Opkey.

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