12 reasons to get a TOGAF certification

Information Technology is considered the backbone of Management. We all are surrounded by technology in some or the other way. Our day-to-day life revolves around this technology, and we are getting used to it every single day. Many organizations, business firms, governments, and individuals are dependent on these technologies to do their work. A single computer can process millions of information at a single glace, which makes it easier for the organization to do its work. It is one of the fastest-growing networks throughout the world. A modern-day helping hand is the right name that is provided to technology. 

What is TOGAF? 

TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. It is a framework for enterprise architecture that gives an approach for planning, designing and implementing enterprise information technology architecture. When you are a TOGAF certified professional, your value and reputation increase as this certification is recognized worldwide. 

12 reasons to get a TOGAF Certification:

1. Understanding a Uniform Knowledge – For identifying the business needs in a better way, the professionals share a piece of common knowledge and expertise. 

2. It is an affordable certification – The cost of TOGAF certification is low as compared to other certifications. The cost of TOGAF certification is $320 for the foundation exam. Based on your preference, you can also sign up to take both exams, which costs $495. 

3. Step by Step Approach – The enterprise architecture exam has two levels, the first one is the foundation, and the second one is certified. Now, these approaches here help the professionals to learn the basics and build the knowledge. 

4. Increment in Salary – The average salary of a TOGAF certified professional starts at $80, 000.

5. Usage of common language – When you work as a TOGAF professional, you need to have good communication skills. You will have to interact with other professionals in your organization and implement an IT environment. As a professional, you have to use a common language that other professionals in your field can understand. This makes collaboration easy and makes effective communication in the organization. 

6. Creation of new opportunities in the field – When you are a TOGAF certified, you can show the companies that you have been trained and tested by an industry-recognized board and that you are know all the concepts related to this particular field. This creates new opportunities for certified professionals to get exposure in large enterprises such as hospitals, banks, different industries, and many more. This certification will act as proof that the company/industry will trust your skills can hire you without any second thought. 

7. Progress in your management skills – It improves the professionals’ managerial skills as the TOGAF certification mixes the technical with the management aspects of IT. The certified professionals get experience, which makes them more worthy in this field. 

8. Fulfillment of the company’s requirements – Every organization wants to do the work with the least amount of effort and time. This is the primary focus of TOGAF; here, this course trains the individuals on how to perform the tasks in a better way. This will help the organization to increase its profit and reduce costs. 

9. Utilization of skills – TOGAF is a globally recognized certification. It is a mark of trust. A company will trust your knowledge and skills when you are a TOGAF certified professional. 

10. No prerequisites for taking the course – As compared to other certifications, TOGAF does not have any requirements for taking the certification. The professionals who want to build a career in IT architecture will have a good opportunity to do so. 

11. More opportunities in Networking – Being a TOGAF certified give you the opportunity to develop contacts and understand new trends in the industry. Also, you will be able to share ideas and meet other professionals in the same field. 

To get a TOGAF certification will give a beautiful start to your career with affordable costs and no prerequisite. It is a globally recognized certification, and also you will be able to new opportunities and validate your skills. Doing this certification is worth it. 

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