6 Things to do Before Moving out of an Apartment

There is no doubt that moving is a hassle. Before moving, it’s crucial to compile a list of duties, especially for renters. Aiming to repay your security deposit by leaving the home or flat in good condition is a given. It saves you from paying extra costs for repair.

Let’s go over what has to be done before you vacate your apartment since you want to make the transition to your new home as seamless as possible and you want to do everything in your power to try and get your security deposit back. 

1. Fix Anything Broken

Moving out of an Apartment

You’ll need to repair any damage you made to the unit in order to receive your security deposit returned. For instance, the wonderful photo collage over the couch probably left numerous holes in the wall that will need to be patched. If you painted a wall, you’ll probably need to repaint it the same color. Any plumbing pipes that need to be replaced, get someone to do it. 

All light fixtures, blinds, and drawer knobs that you changed out must be replaced with their originals. Check the carpets for stains and any pet damage, as well as any dings or scratches that weren’t there when you first moved in. Fix it if you are able to. If you are unable to, be advised that your security deposit will probably be used to cover it.

2. Take Pictures

Take some pictures once your apartment is spotless! Not for the memories, but in case you require evidence of the state of the apartment. Whether your landlord discovers something after you leave, you can check your photos to determine if you missed it or if it might have happened after you left the home.

3. Clean up the Place

Moving out of an Apartment

Get the mop and broom out and start cleaning if you want your apartment to sparkle. Get your place as near to the state it was in when you first moved in as you can. Make it your mission to remove all evidence of the years you lived in the apartment, while some typical wear and use is to be expected. Consider hiring a cleaning agency to get your flat spotless if you are unsure that you can handle the cleaning yourself.

You should also consider getting help with polishing the place up. It gives it a better look, almost as good as when it was when you moved in.

4. Give an Earlier Notice

Moving out of an Apartment

Check your contract to find out exactly how much notice you must give before moving out of your flat. Check this well in advance as some apartments near Gainesville communities may require notice of 30 days or more. If you don’t give enough notice, you risk losing your security deposit or being forced to pay more than one month’s worth of rent. Your lease should also include information about the delivery method. Typically, a written notice is necessary.

5. Contact Your Utility Companies

Moving out of an Apartment

Call your utility companies two weeks before your move to arrange your turn-off and turn-on dates. In order to prevent the electricity and water from being turned off while you are attempting to move boxes, particularly in the summer. You should turn the utilities off at your present apartment the day after you move out. 

This is particularly helpful if you decide to vacuum just before leaving the apartment after all of the boxes and furniture have been removed. Plan for your new apartment’s utilities to be turned on the day before you move in so that you will have electricity and running water when you do.

6. Plan a Walk-Through

Moving out of an Apartment

Make an appointment for your landlord to come and inspect your unit after it is tidy and vacant. A new checklist that you’ll fill out during your move-out walk-through and the one you completed jointly during your move-in walk-through may be provided by your landlord when they show up. If at all feasible, make an effort to attend the move-out inspection. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises when it comes time to receive your security deposit back by allowing you to discuss any problems on the spot and agree to any required repairs.

The Bottom Line

Getting a new house is exciting regardless of where you are moving—down the street or across the state. By using these tips, maybe you will be able to move smoothly from your previous apartment to your new one. The list will also help you secure your deposit and avoid unnecessary issues such as being called for later repairs that you are not responsible for.

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