7 things that make capital fund management software easy to use

Capital fund management software is crucial for organizations that want to optimize their investments and increase return on equity. It can help you manage your securities portfolio, take advantage of market opportunities, and reduce risk exposure.

This makes fund management software a must-have for investment managers, but many firms need help with user adoption because the platform itself is difficult to use. If you have ever struggled with learning a complicated new system or getting your team on board with using it regularly, then read on!

This article explores seven ways that fund management software makes it easier for users to do their jobs:

Intuitive design

Design software with ease of use in mind. Make your fund management software user-friendly by following a few basic steps:

  • Don’t make users guess what to do next.
  • If it’s unclear what the next step is, they’ll be less likely to complete their tasks.
  • Make sure there are clear instructions on how users should proceed after every action (like clicking on a button).

Powerful search capabilities

  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Search by name, email, phone number and company.
  • Search for documents, contacts, tasks and events.
  • Search for keywords.
  • Search for people and groups

Interactive charts and graphs

The data visualization is greatly aided by graphs and charts. It’s also crucial to provide the option to interact with the data. You need to have the option to export the data and drill down into it as needed.

Customizable data views, dashboards and reports

Customizable data views, dashboards and reports are other features that make fund management software easy to use. They allow you to track progress on projects, make decisions based on the information at hand, and communicate with others in your organization. When you customize these platform elements, it’s easy for everyone involved in your fund management program to see what’s happening in real-time.

Approval workflows and audit trails

Approval workflows and audit trails are extremely important to the success of fund management. Workflow approvals are a key part of the fund management process, and having an audit trail available allows you to know who made what changes and when.

On top of that, if there’s ever an issue with your fund management software, it will be easier to figure out where things went wrong if you have an audit trail handy.

Role-based security settings

  • Role-based security settings allow you to control access to information.
  • Set up security roles for different types of users, and assign permissions for each role.
  • You can apply the same permissions to multiple users by creating a group.

Cloud-based delivery

Cloud-based delivery allows the software to be delivered in a “Software as a Service” model. This means that you can access the software from any device, and no installation files or updates are required. Since this is an online service, it reduces the hassle of managing data backups and prevents data loss in case of technical issues.

Fund management software can make your job easier

Capital fund management software can be used to manage your portfolio, including tracking investments and cash flow. It can also assist in risk analysis, compliance monitoring, and other financial tasks.

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