Benefits of Listing Your Business on an Online Business Directory in 2022!

If you run a local business, it is no secret that local clientele is going to give you the most business. So every marketing effort is supposed to spread the word about your business among the locals. Although there are several ways to achieve this goal and hence increase the total revenues but listing your business on an online business directory is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Several of your competitors may already be using them and reaping their benefits. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not completely understand the benefits of listing your business on websites such as QRG 101 and hence underutilizing them.

Let’s say you run a clothing store. Any of your customers are ready to purchase. Just like today’s norms, their first instinct would be to take out their phone and search for online information about the clothing stores nearby. If you have not added adequate information about your store on Google Maps, Google My Business, or other important online business listing directories, you are already missing a chance. This is just a small example but quite explanatory about the importance of online business listings.

What follows is a brief description of the benefits of listing your business on an online business directory in 2022.

Provide Cost-Effective Exposure To Small Businesses

Most business directories offer free services to list your business. So, the benefits of being in these directories come at no or very little cost. Online listings give businesses access to millions of people who might be interested in their services or products without having to spend as much money as with other marketing methods, like paying for ads.

Among other things, “over 90 million people use Yelp each month to find restaurants, home services, and more,” says There are 76.1 million people who visit Bing each month, 25 million people who visit Zillow each month, and close to 5 million people who use SalesSpider each month to look for local products and services in the United States.

By setting up a Google My Business account, the business gets “free advertising and targeted exposure on the world’s most trusted search engine.” It literally costs zilch to set up, claim and verify your account on Google My Business.

A Significant Boost In Online Presence

Today, when people need information about a certain service or product, they mostly look for it online. Most people use the internet to find a business near them, and one in three people will use their smartphone to find the right business for them.

When people go to an online business directory, they can see the businesses right away. This makes it more likely that a business will show up on search engine results pages, which means more people will know about the business and visit the business website.

The more people who see your business, the more likely it is to make more money. Google has found that your businesses is about 70% more likely to get location visits from people who search for you, if your business information shows up in local search. Organic search, which is driven by SEO and visitors’ search habits, is a lot more likely to be influenced by trusted business listings.

By incorporating business listings into your company’s SEO, keywords, and backlink strategy, you can use this extra way to get people to your site and social media.

Improve Ranking In SERPs And Business Visibility

Business listings make a business more visible to people who search for it on the web. As an example, when businesses use the same keywords as the business listing/directory, there is a better chance that potential customers will find the business profile. The business profile will also push your company’s site up in the search engine results pages after it is done. Apart from this, You can leverage a SERP API to know the real-time performance of your business in SERPs.

Surveys show that 80 percent of local searches lead to conversions, and 28 percent of local searches lead to a purchase. Local SEO (search engine optimization) makes sure that more local leads find the business.

Businesses that are listed in business directories also get high-quality backlinks from search engines because they are seen as reliable and well-known sources by them.

In addition, having accurate and consistent business information makes search engines think the business is more reliable and trustworthy, which makes it easier for people to find when they search for it.

Noticeable Increases In Revenues Over Time

Add your business to business directories and get a chance to make more money. That’s because several businesses do so. On Yelp, people spend money with 99% of businesses they find there, 51% of users do business with the businesses they find in a day and 90% do business in a week. A Google My Business listing can make it up to 50% more likely for people to buy from a brand.

A Fool-Proof Way Of Building Trust And Business Reputation

Online directories show that a business isn’t a fraud or a fake company “hiding behind a website.” This makes the business more appealing to customers.

And they have all the answers to your question before listing your business on directories for example this listing all al your answers check their FAQ Section.

Among other things, people trust businesses that are listed in directories like Google My Business and QRG 101 because they have to go through verification processes before they can appear on them. Listings also give businesses the chance to build their reputations through customer reviews and ratings. The more positive reviews and high ratings a business has, the more trustworthy and credible it will be.

Overall, online reviews are thought to be the most important factor that people take into account when looking for a business, according to studies.

When it comes to choosing the right business listing directories, QRG 101 is considered among the most reliable examples. It is one of the fastest emerging online directories that is trusted by millions of users. You can list your business for free and reap all the above-mentioned benefits. Some of the most popular business categories on QRG 101 are transportation, home improvement, plumbers, movers, packers, roofers, and painters. So Add Your Business Now!

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