Best Apps For Construction Business

If you are in the construction business then the phrase for you is, work smarter, not harder. There are a lot of things to manage and overlook when you are in this business. Whether you are working along as a solo representative or with a team, you do need a lot of applications to make your business easier and work less tedious and more efficient.

There are so many applications that are available for the benefit of the people in the construction business. Different apps to manage different aspects of your business and to make your life much easier. 

Best Apps For Construction Business

So, let us look at some of the top applications that all construction businesses can benefit from.


Lio is one of the most beneficial apps that can be used by anyone. From students to homemakers, engineers, business owners, drivers, bakers, photographers and really anyone under the blue sky, Lio is perfect for people from all walks of life. 

The application lets you do multiple things without any hassle. There are several templates that are available and based on your needs and requirements, you can choose the template for yourself. You can keep a tab on the cash flow in the business, your clients, the list of things you need to purchase, add in important documents, debit notes and credit notes, share and collaborate with others and so much more. 


This is another great app for anyone with a construction business. With this, your site team can collaborate without any hassle and more efficiently. They can also receive information in real-time and have access to clear processes.

The application offers four products and they are – Progress & Planning, Control & Insights, QHSE, and Documents. Designed for you and your team, you can manage several things on the app. 

Some of the key features of this application include access to the latest drawings and documents, seamless collaboration and communication, process insights and overviews, tracking and updating the project plans, digitising key processes in the central system and many more.

Best Apps for Construction Business


Offering remote team management, workflows, real-time communication, team-specific automation, custom dashboards and more, Wrike definitely is one of the best apps to be used for the construction business. If you have a big company or a medium-sized company, this app is perfect for you to use. The app enhances your work and the projects that you work on. You can also customize the application based on your needs. 

Some of the best features that the app offers are project management, a drag and drop interface, automated reporting, Gantt charts and integration with Google, GitHub, Box, Adobe and more. 

Plan Grid

This is an Autodesk construction cloud, Plan grid targets four core product areas – reporting, document, enterprise and progress. This easy to use app is built for the field and is very fast. From plans and specifications, documents, punch lists, photos or more, you can access all this from anywhere without any trouble. Documents and plans that are already hyperlinked, are searchable and versioned in order, you can distribute them. 

The app is widely used by constructions companies to run their business smoothly and provide organization to each project from the very beginning to the very end. The top features that make the app more popular are smart drawings, punch lists, BIM, project hubs, markups, document and workflows, field reports and much more.

Zoho Projects

This is one of the best construction management apps as it is perfect for teams of all sizes. It is one of the biggest competitions of the CRM company – Freshworks. Any company that is looking to manage projects can make use of this app as it assists in collaborating in projects and planning. With this app, the construction teams can track their work and work on the timeline. You also stay on the budget which allows you to communicate in a much more efficient manner. 

Highlighting the best features of the app – Gantt View, Invoicing, Automated workflows, Time management, Budget control and more.

Best Apps For Construction Business


This easy to collaborate and plan app is useful for all construction companies. On the app, you can plan your whole project, stage by stage in the most detailed manner and has everything that one would require. The interface is well built which makes the app easy to use. You can share files and teams and collaborate very easily. 

The key features that are offered by the app are resource management, track skills, managing tasks easily, managing projects and keeping expenses under control along with many other features. 


The construction business is a tricky one where multiple things need check and all at the same time. With these applications, you can definitely your construction business smoothly whether you are working solo or in a big team. These apps will benefit you at the different levels of your projects and help you manage your work, time-wise and money-wise. 

Make use of these apps and run a .successful business at your fingertips. 

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