Best YouTube Channels for Data Analytics

We live in a 24/7 connected ecosystem where most work and social media activities are online. Apps like Uber, e-commerce companies like Big Basket, and e-government platforms like Umang generate massive user data. However, these data are of no value unless leveraged for analytics, modeling, predictions, and decision-making.

With Data Analytics implemented in most businesses, big or small, for internal efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and a business edge, IT and statistics graduates or executives working with data may consider learning this most important and in-demand skill in 2022: Data Analytics.

Today, a standalone degree is not enough to make you stand out in a Data Analytics career. The digital transformation of businesses has made companies more competitive and data-driven for a competitive edge. The Data Analytics career path includes many specialist job roles such as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Big Data Engineer, Social Media or Risk Analyst, and more. It requires a mixed bag of skill sets, qualifications, and online learning to align your knowledge and skillsets with changing environments and IT systems. 

Many free resources are available online: some offer entry-learning while others provide advanced training for those professionals already working with data. Learning resources are in various formats, including blogs, YouTube videos, and Bootcamps. 

Data Analytics is a vast discipline with plenty to learn. While online resources are a great way to augment your analytics learning roadmap, a Data Science Certification adds value to your resume and career scope. 

Why Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the discipline of analyzing raw data to make conclusions. Many techniques involve algorithms that work with raw data for insights and predictions. As it helps businesses optimize performance, make timely data-driven decisions, and build predictive models, companies implementing Data Analytics in their business models are hiring Data Analytics professionals. Although self-learning is a great way to start for entry-level placements, a certification helps you get established in companies with a data-driven approach.

Free Online Resources

If you want to learn Data Analytics and do not have the time or resources for formal training, you need not worry. Many online resources channel your learning path and add to any certification you may earn.

While free tutorials and blogs offer elementary and formal learning accessible anywhere or on the go, Videos are more interactive and entertaining learning experiences. Combining the two can make your Data Analytics learning more powerful.

Best YouTube Channels for Data Analytics

Educational Videos make learning Data Analytics very interesting. With embedded PowerPoint presentations (PPTs), graphics, and whiteboard teaching that simulate classroom learning, Videos have emerged as a powerful medium of instruction. What’s more, the comment forums offer you the chance to engage with the community and gain understanding from their posts.

While many training platforms have Videos on their website, YouTube channels boost learning in your spare time. You can even look up recommendations based on your searches and watch lists.

As YouTube emerges as a critical element in self-learning and knowledge, we must check out the YouTube channels offering Data Analytics learning.


It is a platform that helps you learn to code for free. The YouTube channel began in 2014 and currently has 6.56M subscribers. Learners have access to thousands of coding tutorials and videos. 

If you are a Data Analytics beginner wondering how deep you can get into coding, this free CodeCamp YouTube channel is a great place to start. 

These video tutorials teach you everything you want to know about Data Analytics. You learn how to read data from multiple sources and process them using libraries such as NumPy and Pandas, visualize your data using Matplotlib and Seaborn, clean and process it to create a report, and much more.


This video channel is an excellent resource if you want to learn Data Analytics skills and are wondering where to start. It is founded by Dhaval Patel of ed-tech platform, who has 17+ years of industry experience and entrepreneurship. It is an excellent roadmap for a complete Data Analytics learning pathway.

The channel started in 2015 and has already notched 680K subscribers. The goal is to make coding in a Data Science environment simple. The link includes video courses that teach simple programming, Data Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, data structures, software architecture, and more on the channel.


Simplilearn began the YouTube channel in 2009 and currently has 2.51M subscribers. The Videos help learners acquire the necessary skills to be Data Analysts.

The YouTube channel is from Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online Bootcamp and a leading certification training provider with a global presence. The Videos offer live instructions from industry experts with a comprehensive learning pathway with theory-based and application use.

Corey Schafer

The YouTube channel by Corey Schafer creates video tutorials and walkthroughs for software developers, programmers, and engineers. It was launched in 2006 and currently has 1M subscribers.

Schafer’s content caters to beginner Data Analysts and Data practitioners with years of experience. Topics are Python, Git, Terminal Commands, SQL, JavaScript, Computer Science Fundamentals, and Data Analysis techniques.

Data School

This YouTube channel tackles all the necessary topics for Data Analysis and teaches you the various tools and libraries used for data extraction, crunching, processing, and analysis. 

The channel was started in 2014 by Kevin Markham and currently has 206K subscribers. The Videos focus on introductory topics and move on to in-depth tutorials that train you in Data Science using Python programming language. If you are keen on learning the use of various Python libraries for Data Analysis, this is the place to learn. 

Krish Naik 

The YouTube channel by Krish Naik has content on advanced topics of Data Analytics that leverage Machine Learning and AI. However, there are topics on Data Visualization tools such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. The channel is popular with experienced Data Practitioners and has 671K subscribers.

Data Science Jojo

Data Science Jojo is a Data Science and Analytics channel with over 89.3K subscribers. The videos have plenty of practical tips and examples, analogies, and case studies to make them engaging. Complex Data Analytics concepts are dealt with interestingly and simply, making it one of the most popular go-to YouTube channels for Data Analytics and Machine Learning concepts. Videos include tutorials, community talks, and Data Science training.


If you are keen to learn more about Data Analytics the self-learning way, then have a look at the YouTube channel pages and map your learning pathway. Decide which videos make a good starting point, what skills you need to learn, and how best to master Data Analytics for career growth in data-driven business environments.

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