How to Build an Investor Pitch Deck That Gets Funding

How to Build an Investor Pitch Deck That Gets Funding

An investor pitch deck is a presentation that entrepreneurs use to convince investors to fund their businesses. It usually contains a summary of the business plan, financial projections, market research, and team bios. It can be especially critical for an early stage company as it helps to articulate the business plan and growth opportunities to … Read more

Is investing in a Paycheck calculator a reliable choice?

Paycheck calculator

Living in a digital era and struggling to perform hectic payroll processes manually is not a skill but a mistake that can cost you and your business irreparable damages. The reason is that the payroll process is not only responsible for payment and taxes calculations but also for tax filings and keeping track of work … Read more

What To Consider When Choosing An Accounting Firm

Close up Business people meeting to discuss the situation on the market. Business Financial Concept

As an owner of a business, you are probably overseeing almost every aspect of your business, right? And, from my own experience, I think you’re having to deal with your finances too. Now, here’s the thing. Handling an organization’s operational department is one thing, and taking care of the finance is another. It’s much more … Read more

How are IPOs valued

Valuation is a crucial component of any Initial Public Offering (IPO) and is critical to the success of the offering. The value assigned to an IPO determines whether or not it will attract sufficient interest from potential investors, which in turn affects the proceeds raised by the company and its ability to succeed in its … Read more

What Is Personal Loan? Here Is a Guide

What Is Personal Loan? Here Is a Guide

An increasing number of consumers now are availing of personal loans, particularly the big-ticket ones. Also, they are converting their purchases into EMIs (equated monthly installments). Personal loans assist the household in mitigating the shortfalls they witness in purchasing a home or car, in cases of medical exigencies, in children’s higher education, etc. Here’s a … Read more