Hand Shapes Reading, Telling Fate Information

The first step to an accurate palm reading is to get an impression of the palm’s characteristics, including the basic distribution of palm lines, the palm colour, whether the palm is injured or not, the differences between left hand and right hand, etc. Hand shapes reading is considered the second step in comprehensive palmistry practice, telling a person’s general fate information. Having live streaming platforms such as Twitch gives you an opportunity to share this useful information and also interact with your audience in real-time. If you wish to have a stronger digital presence, buy twitch viewers.

What are the Different Types of Hand Shapes?

Generally there are 8 hand shapes: the raw hand, the square hand, the rectangle hand, the circular hand, The fan-shaped hand, the philosophy hand, the spearhead hand and the mixed-shape hand. 

What hand shape do you have? Read on below to find your hand shape and how it relates to life, career, personality, etc. in palmistry.

Hand Shape Meaning 

Hand Shape 1: The Raw Hand

The Raw Hand


  • Palm looks thick
  • Palm is tough to touch  
  • Short fingers
  • Fewer palm lines: usually only the life line, wisdom line, and love line. The fate line can also be seen in some raw hands.

Health: With raw hands, the person will easily develop vertigo and have problems with respiratory system diseases.

People with this kind of palm are usually not very ambitious. Their life desires are not as many as other hand shapes’. Jobs requiring basic skills (without high-tech or complicated operations) are more suitable for them.

If the person has raw hands, he/she usually does few romantic things. They’re satisfied with a basic lifestyle.

When facing high pressure, at first raw-handed people typically feel depressed and want to be far away from the tough thing. However, when they feel they don’t have any other choice except dealing with the pressure, they will react heavy-handedly. Some even go against the law.

Hand Shape 2: The Square Hand

The Square Hand


  • Palm looks like a square
  • Comparatively long fingers
  • Square nail shapes
  • Clear palm lines

People with square hands can usually keep calm. They can control their emotions well. He/she usually pays much attention to the current situation.

Being down-to-earth, they’re usually good partners in work or marriage.

However, persons with square palms are often limited to thinking about fixed plans/arrangements and they usually feel uncomfortable with changes. Don’t expect them to go the extra mile.

Careers: A person with square hands doesn’t change his/her work frequently. They’re good at arts and crafts or other jobs requiring high-tech or special skills.

Hand Shape 3: The Rectangle Hand

The Rectangle Hand


  • Similar to a square hand, but the palm is longer.

People with rectangle hands are usually much more adaptable to changes. They’re flexible in mind and romantic in lifestyle.

They’re good spouses and work partners. Other characteristics are similar to square hands’. 

Hand Shape 4: The Circular Hand

The Circular Hand


  • Conical fingers
  • Round palm edge
  • Palm looks thick
  • Red palm

People with circular hands love beautiful things like art very much. They’re flexible and can easily adapt to changes.

The person with circular hands and long thumbs has big potential to be successful. The thumb needs to be at least as long as the middle of the first bone of the forefinger. Otherwise, they usually have low willpower and are easily influenced by other people.

Love: If the person has a circular hand, palm reading theory says that they’re usually considered a good partner or spouse. They’re easygoing, understanding, and responsible. However, be careful as they have a proclivity for love affairs.

Careers: Business jobs are suitable for people with circular hands. They are usually good at social interaction. Being adaptable to changes is the catalyst to their success. Many diplomats, politicians, musicians, and some reputable actors were born with circular palms.

Hand Shape 5: The Fan-Shaped Hand

The Fan-Shaped Hand


  • Long fingers and big spaces in between fingertips
  • Fan-shaped or anti-trapezoidal nails
  • Wide in the upper palm (knuckles) and narrow in the lower palm (wrist)  

People with fan-shaped hands are usually energetic and anxious.

They love adventure and travelling around.

They’re good at creativity, especially inventing mechanisms.

Careers: Many navigators, explorers, and inventors have fan-shaped hands. In addition, as they have swift fingers, some are expert pianists.

Hand Shape 6: The Philosophy Hand

The Philosophy Hand


  • Big knuckle bones
  • Big spaces between fingers

If the person has philosophical hands, it is good if his/her thumb is long: reaching to the middle of the first bone of the forefinger or even longer. Long-thumbed philosophy hands have big possibilities of being famous.

The person with philosophical hands and short thumbs usually thinks more than does. Poor execution, thinking too much, and being emotional are usually their main characteristics.

Careers: Suitable jobs for philosophy hands are philosopher, theorist, and religion expert. They usually have their own thoughts and judgments, which they do their utmost to practice.

Hand Shape 7: The Spearhead Hand

The Spearhead Hand


  • Long, thin, and spearhead-shaped fingers
  • Long, narrow palm
  • Many disorderly/missing palm lines

With spearhead hands and white palms, the person is usually born in a rich family. He/she is romantic and lives without too much trouble.

If the spearhead hand’s palm is red or dark in colour, he/she is usually born in a basic-salary family. They need to work very hard to support their family.

If the person has spearhead hands, he/she usually loves beautiful things and has his/her own special point of view about beauty. With many palm lines out of order, they usually have many hobbies, but don’t concentrate on any one thing.

Careers: A long thumb will do much help for spearhead hands (regarding fame), as they are suited to being novelists, writers, and composers.

Hand Shape 8: The Mixed-Shape Hand

The Mixed-Shape Hand


Fingers are different from each other. For example, a conical, fan-shaped, and square nail on the same hand.

Having characteristics of different hand shapes doesn’t mean a mixed-shape hand person has high talent. Instead it means no special characteristics. Their thoughts and behaviours usually change a lot.

Mixed-shape hands are good at social interaction, able to discuss nearly all topics, but will feel embarrassed when meeting an expert in a field.

A person with mixed-shape hands usually complains a lot and doesn’t have the chance to carry out his/her ideas.

Moodiness or success: A mixed-shape hand with a small thumb, bent middle finger, and unclear wisdom line usually predicts bad emotion control. If the thumb is long and the wisdom line is straight and clear, mixed-shape hands have more potential to become successful.

Use Hand Shape Reading in Context

Palm type reading is just one step in palmistry to give more general information. Don’t take it as absolute, but make a comprehensive consideration using all aspects of palm reading together.

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