How Are Local SEO Services Different From regular SEO Services?

Local SEO servies and regular SEO have many similarities because they both aim to achieve a higher ranking on search engines. The primary goal of any SEO is to make the business favorable or superior in the eyes of the search engines and the primary audience. Local and regular SEO have a few distinct differences. Here’s a look at four:

1.    They Target Different Audiences

Local SEO targets a local audience or customers from a specified geographic location. Keywords for local SEO will include location names and phrases like “near me” and “close by.” If you run a local company or have offices in multiple locations, you’ll need to optimize the pages for the different users. 

The SEO may involve leveraging local dialects, search patterns, and events. Regular SEO, known as national SEO, doesn’t typically target people from a specific geographical area. The SEO is tailored towards the global market and customers from different places. 

2.    They Suit Different Businesses

SEO and local SEO suit different types of businesses. If your company has a brick-and-mortar office or storefront targeting walk-in customers, go for local SEO.

Popular businesses that rely on local SEO include HVAC and plumbing services, medical services, law offices, pet services, and real estate. Any company serving a specific geographic area will benefit from local SEO.

If your business has an international clientele or doesn’t rely on walk-in customers, you should invest in regular SEO. Tour destinations, FBA and online sellers, media distributors, and other businesses that sell to international customers can use traditional SEO. Such firms can leverage local SEO to attract local customers.

3.    They Involve Different Strategies

SEO strategies are quite similar but involve customizations made to meet the unique goals of each business. Local SEO strategies might differ slightly from regular SEO strategies. The main differences exist in keyword research, content strategy, link building, and marketing. Local SEO mainly involves location-based keywords and content.

Regular SEO uses universal keywords not tied to any locations. The backlinks don’t need to come from local businesses. Regular SEO websites aren’t meant to be ranked on local searches. The strategies are honed for a global audience and follow standard/formal languages. Regular SEO focuses on networking with international brands for authority.

4.    They Use Citations & Backlinks Differently

Local SEO relies on citations more than regular SEO, which is more about building quality backlinks. Citations occur when people, businesses, and directories mention a local business name, location address, and contacts. Local citations are found in directories and review websites like yelp, Google My Business, and Angie’s List.

Regular SEO involves using backlinks from other relevant authority websites. Businesses that target global audiences rely on a mix of backlinks to various pages.

The link is often anchored on meaningful keywords and can come from influencer websites, guest blogs, and other sources. Citations are the equivalent of backlinks to local businesses.

Reliable Local SEO Servies

Most start-ups and service-based businesses need local customers and should invest in premium local SEO servies. Working with experienced SEO specialists and agencies is the best way to guarantee desirable results. Choose agencies with years of experience and a proven record of driving organic traffic and improving brand authority.

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