How do I make a taxi booking app like Uber

Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, but they don’t own any cars. Uber has been a massive success story since its launch in 2009. In just 8 years it has become a market leader in its industry and is worth over $60billion. Uber has revolutionized the taxi industry, and it is a wonderful way for a user to get a taxi and a driver to find passengers, but how do we make an app like Uber?  

This blog will look at the components we need to build a taxi app like Uber. 

Features for taxi apps like Uber 

The taxi booking app has two apps: one for the user and the driver. This is done so that the app is responsive and easy to use. 

The admin portal is linked to each of these apps. Let us look at some of the most important things about each app. 

Features of the user app? 

Registration tab: The first thing customers need to do is sign up by giving their phone number, email address, or social media account. 

Ride tab: On the page for booking a ride, customers can enter information about where they want to be picked up and dropped off. 

Ride Selection: With this feature, the user can pick what kind of car they want to ride in. It also says how much the ride will cost and when it is expected to arrive. 

Fare calculator: Before customers book their cab, they are given an estimated total cost. When customers pay online, they can choose from several payment methods. 

Tracking Tools: When people book a cab, they want to know exactly where it is and how long it will take to get to their destination. 

Review tab: People often tell others about their experiences these days, whether they are good or bad. Users write reviews and ratings based on how they had a good relationship with a driver. 

Contact driver: Users can contact the driver through the app to find out where the cab is or to show the driver exactly where to pick them up. 

Payment tab: The booking app’s payment tab lets you pay with cash, a credit card, or a third-party service. Users get a bill through the accounts they’ve set up. 

Ride history: Users can look at their past reservations. This feature lets them quickly book a cab for the same route by picking one of the rides they have already taken. 

What does the driver app have? 

Driver profile: Like the user app, the driver app has a section where drivers can fill out their full profile information, including their current status. 

This feature sends a push message to the driver as soon as a passenger makes a reservation nearby. 

GPS navigation: The driver can get to the place they want to go as quickly as possible by using a navigation app like Google Maps. 

Fare calculator tab: The driver app also comes with a fare calculator. This gives the driver a rough idea of how much the ride will cost. 

Cab sharing facility: People who live in cities are taking more advantage of ride-sharing services. This way, they can save money by splitting their total fare with friends and family. 

Earnings and statistics: Each driver have access to a report section where they can track how much they made on each trip and how much they paid in taxes. 

Driver preference: Customers prefer to travel with the same driver whose service they have used before and been happy with. 

Cost to make a taxi booking app like uber 

It is hard to give a one-size-fits-all answer about how much it costs to make a taxi app. This is because the price can change based on several factors. Some of the most important things that affect cost are: 

Type of business: The cost of making a taxi booking app for a small business is much lower than for a large taxi business. Startups can release an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with little money. Large businesses can’t do that because they would need to make an app that fits in with how they run their business. 

Features: The cost is partly based on how many and complicated the features are. The price will go up as the number of features goes up. 

Platform choice: The cost depends a lot on which platform you choose, such as iOS or Android. The budget for development will depend on whether the app needs to be released on only one platform or both. 

Technology: The choice of platform is tied to technology. There are two ways to do this: by making a native or hybrid app. Both have their pros and cons, so it is up to the business owner to choose which one to use. 

Geography: When you hire a company to make a taxi app for you, the location matters a lot in how much it will cost. North America and the United Kingdom have high hourly rates for developers ($100–$200), but Eastern Europe and India have lower rates ($20–$80). 

As a rough estimate, the cost of making an MVP version of an app like Uber will be:  

• For driver apps, $15,000 for one platform and $30,000 for two platforms 

• For passenger apps, it costs $30,000 for one platform and $60,000 for two platforms 

• For admin panel – $15000 

The revenue model for the taxi booking app

When making a taxi app like Uber, it’s important to know how to make money. You might want to think about the following common ways to make money. 

Commission charges: It is the main way the company makes money, and the drivers will have to pay a certain percentage of commission. 

Cancellation/Waiting Fees: When the driver or the passenger cancels the ride, they will be charged a certain percentage of the total amount. Besides this, you can charge the passengers for the time they have to wait. 

Costs of advertising in apps: You can give different businesses their own space on your platform to advertise their goods or services. So, you can charge them advertising fees based on how often their ads are clicked on or seen. 

Price Hikes: The most common way for on-demand apps to make money is to charge extra when demand goes through the roof. Uber is a good example of something that has caught on. 

Premium Charges: Aside from the other ways to make money from the taxi app, the premium model will bring in a lot of money. 


We hope you liked our article about how to make a similar app to Uber. We know that the taxi booking business has always been hard to break into, but Uber and other companies have made it easier than it used to be. You can make a taxi app, too, if you have the right tools and know-how. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

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