How do Predictive Dialers and Cloud Technologies Work Together?

Cloud technologies have taken the call center industries by storm. It is not just the call center industry that is experiencing the way of cloud technologies. Statistics show that around 94% of companies globally are leveraging cloud computing in one way or another in their operations.

One system that is taking the world by storm is the predictive dialer software. This robust dialer for a call center allows the floor managers to streamline the entire operations. This dialing system combined with cloud technologies allows your agents to make calls automatically.

As a result, it saves them from manually dialing the numbers. This article will cover in-depth what a cloud-predictive dialer is and how it can benefit your business. Let’s start by getting a brief overview of the predictive dialer software.

What is a Cloud-Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialing software is a tool that call centers use to dial numbers quickly. As a result, it will give more human connections on call rather than going to answering machines. The key feature of the predictive dialer software is that it will filter out all the:

  • Voicemails
  • Unanswered or disconnected calls
  • Busy calls
  • Answering machines

That way, the dialer software will ensure that the agents receive the calls, which a human will answer. Cloud predictive dialer will make calls in bulk by using various algorithms. These algorithms will use the past data to assess the agents’ availability to take the next call.

Furthermore, with the use of a cloud-predictive dialer, businesses can cut down the cost they would spend on manual dialing processes. Your agents can focus on working more efficiently while the outbound dialer is taking care of calls.

Importance of Having a Predictive Dialer System

The intelligent call assignment by the predictive dialer system ensures that agents aren’t overwhelmed by calls. Its algorithms will automate the entire system, ensuring proper call assignment. 

Furthermore, it can also increase call connect rates by dialing the phone numbers automatically. It can also lead to a higher conversion rate as agents will be taking more calls at the end of the day.

Some Critical Elements of the Predictive Dialer

The features of the predictive dialer are what sets it apart from the manual dialing system. It will allow you to streamline the entire operations of your call center and boost employee productivity. Let’s go over the features that cloud predictive dialer software offers, shall we?

1. Filter-Based Calling

The best thing about cloud predictive dialer is the filter-based calling. This feature will automatically filter out all the calls that don’t get connected to any humans. Doing so will save the agents from disposing of calls that go to voicemails and answering machines.

Connecting to such calls can be demotivating for the employees. It would impact the overall morale, so it is best to have a system that automatically filters out all futile calls. It is one of the best features that you can get from the predictive outbound dialer.

2. Easy CRM Integrations

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology is a critical part of businesses. It makes all the information easily accessible to all the departments. Integrating the CRM with your predictive dialer will provide you with all customers’ information.

The predictive dialers also have an integration with the lead management software. Therefore, it will keep a record of all activities directly in the CRM. There is no need for any additional equipment or setup since the predictive dialers offer seamless integration with the CRM.

Furthermore, the cloud-based predictive dialer allows you to organize leads. Consequently, this makes it easy for the next agent to use when calling prospects. Apart from that, it can assist in building a top-notch customer engagement environment.

3. Call Disposition and Notes

Once the customer is off the call, it is important to properly dispose of the call. The predictive dialer will give you the option to dispose of the call as a lead, sale, hang-up, and different options. You can pick any one of the options after the call ends.

Additionally, the agents can also add some notes once they end the calls. The notes can help the next agent who connects with the customers. They can pick up the call from where the last agent left off instead of starting all over again.

4. DNC Management

The DNC (Do Not Call Registry) is a list of phone numbers that don’t want to receive a lot of cold calls. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) manages this list that ensures consumers don’t receive too many telemarketing calls.

If any call center makes a call to the numbers on the DNC list, it can lead to severe consequences. For instance, they would have to pay hefty fines and charges for calling customers on the DNC lists. However, the predictive dialers’ software can resolve this issue for you.

The software will eliminate all such numbers that are on the DNC list. Thus, not only will it save you from angry customers, but you won’t have to worry about possible fines.  

How do Cloud Technologies and Predictive Dialers Help Your Business?

When we talk about predictive dialers, the first thing that you would think of is outbound sales. While this is the most common use case, there are various other things that you can do with predictive dialers and cloud technologies. 

Below are just a few of them:

  • Campaigning: Make calls and have live conversations with people about different political problems, candidates, and other campaigns.
  • Circulating Important Information: Share crucial or time-sensitive information quickly.
  • Follow-ups: Give a customer call back after the tech support reaches out to them or to gather additional information.
  • Gathering Feedback: Outbound calls requesting customers to take part in a survey.
  • Market Research: Interacting with different audience groups to understand and get a better idea about customer needs and preferences.
  • Telemarketing: Tell your existing clients about any new products you are launching. You can also tell them about any upcoming promotions to increase revenue.

These use cases show how predictive dialers and cloud technologies work together. The best thing about the predictive dialing system is call routing. You can start with an interactive voice response system to get relevant information from the recipients.

Next, you can direct them to the right agent or resource, depending on the information provided. Also, the outbound calls that agents place through the predictive dialing software give them a vast amount of insights about the customers. For example, they can learn about the best time to contact customers.


We hope you now have the answer to the questions about what is a predictive dialer and how it can work with cloud technology. Using the robust predictive dialing system can help you boost productivity and increase efficiency since your agents won’t have to dial numbers. It will take care of the hard part so your agents can focus on the customers.

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