Many people find themselves working remotely these days, whether this is a hybrid work model, fully remote or freelance work. This has become the norm since COVID-19 and can certainly bring many benefits, including a better work-life balance, the ability to complete chores during the day, and no commute, which can save money and reduce stress. While there are benefits of remote work, many find that it can be easy to feel isolated and suffer from cabin fever (especially if they live alone). This can take its toll on your life in a few different ways, so here are a few tips to prevent cabin fever when working remotely. 

Go For A Walk To Start And/Or End The Day

One of the best tips for avoiding cabin fever is to go for a walk before you start work and/or at the end of the working day. This allows you to leave the home, can help you to separate work and home in your mind by changing your mindset and gives you the feeling of going to and/or leaving work. This can also help you to feel more connected to society as you will be seeing people first thing.

Find Ways To Get Out During The Week

It is also helpful to find ways to get out of the house during the working week, either during the working day or in the evening socially. It is a good idea to make sure that you leave the house at least once each day, even if this is just for a short walk (as above). There are lots of ways that you can get out of the house during the working week, such as:

  • Going to the gym
  • Going out for lunch/coffee
  • Meeting a client
  • Taking a class
  • Meeting friends after work
  • Going out in the evening

Stay Connected When Working Remotely

When you are working remotely, you should also try to stay connected to your colleagues throughout the day to avoid cabin fever. This can be done with virtual meetings or messaging apps that will help you to communicate and feel connected even if you are not meeting face-to-face.

Find A Coworking Space

It is also worth looking into a coworking space that would give you somewhere that you can go and work when you want to get out. Coworking spaces have become hugely popular since the rise of remote work because they give people a space where they can feel part of an office culture but with greater flexibility. You can find fantastic coworking Eagle House Shoreditch offices where you can engage with other professionals and avoid cabin fever. You can get flexible and affordable terms whether you want to rent a private office in a shared building or take out a hotdesking membership.

These are a few of the best ways that you can avoid cabin fever when working remotely. It is important to be aware of cabin fever and isolation if you work remotely, especially if you also live alone. Cabin fever can take its toll on your mental health, so you need to know how to prevent this so that you can enjoy the benefits of remote work. 

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