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If you are thinking of setting up a business of your very own, it is a good idea to sell handcrafted goods. In the past few years, handcrafted goods have been quite popular. 

While handcrafted goods were considered low-class back in the day, things have changed a great deal. Nowadays, handcrafted goods have become extremely popular, and many people will pay good money to own handcrafted products.

Before you start on a business though, you should have a strategy. Making handcrafted items is a challenge. Here are some great tips for setting up a handcrafted goods business. 

  1. Choose The Right Products

If you want to make handicrafts that will surely sell, you should make sure that you choose the right products. Remember that there are many types of handicrafts, and while they are all handcrafted, they are not all popular. Here are some great handcrafted items that you could sell.

  • Woven Baskets

This is a great handcrafted option. This type of handicraft is a lot cheaper to make because it is made of wicker and cheaper materials. You should remember though that basket weaving is not that easy to learn, so you should make sure to hire expert craftsmen.

  • Hand Carved Statues

If you have good carving skills, it is a good idea to sell hand carved statues. This type of handicraft is very valuable, and depending on the type of wood, you could ask a good price for them. 

  • Clay Bowl

Yet another type of handicraft that uses cheap materials. Clay bowls are easy to make and store, however, you should make sure to invest in the best clay possible. This will help ensure that the clay bowls are durable and easy to transport. 

  • Luxury Tea Bags

In the past few years, luxury tea bags have been gaining popularity. The key difference between luxury tea bags and standard tea bags, is that they are made of a combination of tea leaves and herbs. 

  • Hand Stitched Sweaters 

If you want to enter the clothing market with hand crafted goods, it is a good idea to create hand stitched sweaters.  This kind of product has great appeal because it takes a good amount of time and effort to make. This allows you to price the product at a premium.

  1. Invest In The Right Equipment

Once you have chosen the type of handcrafted products, it is now time to invest in the right equipment. 

Remember that you will be working on each item by hand, so you should have the best equipment to mass produce your products. Take the time to check on the machinery and tools  you will require for your business.

  1. Choose The Right Packaging

While the handcrafted products should be as well-made as possible, you should also make sure that the packaging is as attractive as well.  

You have many options to choose from. You could invest in specialized sealing tin cans. You may also invest in wholesale mdf boxes What’s important is that it is easy to pack and durable enough for transport.

  1. Follow Safety Methods

Remember that you will be doing most of the work by hand, and if you have employees working with you, it is important that you follow safety methods. 

Remember that when you and your workers assemble the handicrafts, there is a chance that injuries could happen. As a rule, you should follow various safety methods. Make sure your workers utilize gloves and goggles. This will help to protect their eyes and hands from debris and other foreign objects. 

  1. Marketing Is Key 

Make sure that you market your handcrafted products as effectively as possible. There may already be a lot of companies that sell handcrafted items. 

The best way to overcome this obstacle, is to market your items to the best of your abilities. Here are some great tips for marketing your handcrafted items.

  • Create A Facebook Page

If you want to expand your business marketing range, it is a good idea to set up a Facebook page. The social media platform is by far the most popular in the world, and could do wonders for your handicraft’s products. Just make sure that you know how to use Facebook’s many features. 

  • Make A YouTube Channel

A great way to sell your products, is to set up a YouTube channel. Through your YouTube channel, you will be able to gain the attention of a myriad of potential buyers. 

What’s important is that your YouTube channel has immersive content to attract viewers. You could even post videos on how your products are created, and the materials that go into them. 

  • Set Up A Company Website

While you could use a myriad of online platforms to sell your work, you should also set up your very own company website. 

By having your own company website, you will be able to market your handicrafts in your own way. A company website will act as your command center and your online marketplace. 


While it is tempting to open a handcrafted business of your very own, it is important that you know exactly what you are doing. 

Remember that setting up any kind of business is difficult enough. It is even more difficult if you have to make the handicrafts yourself. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up a working handcrafted business of your very own. 

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