List of Important UPSC books to clear the IAS Exam

IAS exams (Indian administrative services) are for those native citizens who want to provide a service to our country. It is conducted by the UPSC board (Union Public service commission). The Aspirants participate in the UPSC or IAS exam. The IAS post is the highest post of service in this exam. So, most candidates always try to get the seat of IAS first, but it isn’t like the UPSC exam only has openings for the IAS position.

Twenty-four positions are available, including IAS like IFS, IPS, etc. The posting is done based on ranking according to your marks. The IAS sector holds much value because any candidate selected for this position can get a job by the union government, state government, or public sectors. Therefore, it brings many opportunities for the aspirant’s post clearing the exam.

A Brief About UPSC exams

The UPSC or IAS exam is of a total of three stages: the first is prelims, the second is mains, and the third is an interview round. The candidate who clears all these rounds is selected for the role. In addition, the IAS exam has a few requirements you need to fill before sitting in the exam, like the age limit should be twenty-one to thirty-two years, the citizen should be of India or Nepal, etc. This exam is held once a year, and there is usually a gap of a month or a half to prepare for mains after prelims. The prelims are conducted in MCQ form, and the mains are conducted in descriptive form.

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The UPSC books for preparation:

The question in this exam is mainly based on your general knowledge, history, culture, and developmental knowledge with one Language included. So, for the preparation for the exams, here are a few top UPSC books for preparation you should go through:

  • India after Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha 

This book contains information about our political situation over the years after independence. But, of course, reading any history book only tells you the story before the liberation. Still, here in this textbook, you will know about the condition of India after the freedom from every perspective: economic, financial, political, cultural, etc.

  • NCERT Book: Microeconomic 

NCERT has always been a guide for every candidate preparing for competitive exams. It sets the base for the descriptive and deep topics. It gives you a clear vision of the critical case or can come in your exam.

  • Indian Polity by M. Lakshminath 

You should have this book from the early days of your preparation cause Indian polity isn’t an easy topic. You will get it after two to three attempts. It needs more focus and time. The content in this book won’t solve the confusion about the issue of Indian polity as a whole cause the wording in it is a little complex, but it sure will give you enough confidence to stand out from the crowd.

  • Introduction to the constitution by D.D Basu 

The book is a more profound knowledge about our Indian body, just like the book by M. Lakshmikant. The basics should be vital to understanding the book thoroughly.

  • India’s struggle for independence by Bipin Chandra 

This book is excellent in the category of Indian modern history. It gives you a full-fledged context of the history of India and how freedom took place in our country.

  • Indian Geography by Majid Hussain 

This book is an excellent choice for geography subject preparation. It comprises all the essential concepts and diagrams, optional syllabus content, etc., in a well-organized manner.

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