Online Tools You Need In This Age For Work From Home Situations

Ever since the global pandemic hit, everyone has adapted to this new normal and is now familiar with working from home situations that may arise at any point. Some even find it more feasible to work from home rather than working at an office. It helps them in staying productive. In order to easily achieve your goals while working online from home, you need some applications. In order to support remote employees, various apps are working now. 

Five of the most critical tools listed below in this article are to help you out in your tasks. Be it video conferencing or project management. These tools have essential features that will help you out with anything and are very beneficial. You just need to have a stable internet connection.

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  1. Zoom:

Zoom is a video conferencing that gained major popularity during the Covid-19 outbreak. People who wanted to connect with people, be it their families or friends around the world. People can hold a meeting and video chat with whoever they want.

One of the major reasons behind its popularity is also the work-from-home culture. People hold face-to-face meetings easily now, without any hassle. It is an essential communication tool now when people have to connect with clients and colleagues. Meetings for 2 people have no limit, whereas meetings with more than 2 people have a time limit of 40 minutes. It also enables you to record the meetings. Hence, it has proven to be quite a vital tool.

  1. Slack:

The slogan, which represents the application Slack is “Where work happens”. It has been listed and ranks among the World’s most broadly used messaging apps. It has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It has been stated that over 750,000 companies are using Slack. It enables you to organize different channels into groups or subjects. It also has the feature of direct messages and also enables you to share files among the users. It has a video call feature that can add up to 15 people at a time. 

  1. Google Workspace:

Google Workspace is also known as G-suite. It is a set of tools that comes with multiple features for the people who work from home. This application is designed for people who work remotely. Telecommuters who need to stay in touch with coworkers can actively take advantage of Google Workspace because of its collaborative nature. 

It comes with several efficient features to make your lives easier. Google Meet enables us to do a video conference, and take part in group chats through Google chat. Over 1.5 billion people worldwide use and take advantage of Google Email. A lot of individuals use its other features such as Google docs, Google Sheets, and Slides as it allows many people to work on documents simultaneously.

It is safe to say that Google Workspace is the best option among all other apps when you think about working remotely. It gives you access to so many features in a single suite. 

  1. Trello:

Trello is a corporation and collaboration-focused online organization tool that allows users to create Kanban-inspired lists and boards. More than one million teams use Trello as it has proven to be really efficient. It comes with various features for its users to work remotely in a hassle-free way. It enables you to organize meetings, track workflows, and track projects at various stages throughout the world.

Not only this, but you can do pretty much anything to ease your tasks. Such as, attaching cards and creating boards and you can also share this with other users. You can create columns and even move your cards between them. It also allows you to merge checklists, due dates, and reminders.

  1. Dropbox:

Last but definitely not least on our list is the Dropbox application. It is one of the oldest file-hosting services providing applications. This proves how efficient this app is as it is still in this game and is popular. It has a very valuable feature set and capacity to synchronize with a variety of devices, which is proven to be very essential. 

It offers the users to access it through the browser as well as through mobile app and desktop app. It has a very smooth and slick way of getting things done. Be it, backing up, sharing, or synchronizing documents or files. It also comes with various storage capacities and plans. 


The above-listed applications have made the task of working from home way easier for the people than it was before, especially when providers like Xfinity make it easy for people to have a hand on service and reliable connection to the internet too. In turn, they help in increasing productivity and assist you in getting tasks done easily and more efficiently. 

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