All You Need to Know about Pairing Jlab Earbuds

If you want to buy new earbuds, options are unlimited because the market is replete with numerous brands and products. Most of these earbuds can cost you much so they are not suitable for those who want to buy budget headphones. If you are the one, don’t worry. Earphones such as jlab are pretty affordable and cheap devices. Even at this cost-effective price tag, they ensure a great audio quality. Along with that, you also get some handy features with this pair to have a great user experience. And if you have already bought one pair, you instantly want to use them. However, you will have to pair with your phone or any other device you want to use with. In case you are unable to pair your device, you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you how to pairing jlab earbuds with other devices.

How You can Pair Jlab Earbuds

Those who have a pair of jlab earbuds would surely want to pair them with other devices to listen their favorite music. No matter you are pairing your headphones for the first time, or want to pair them to additional devices, the process is the same for both cases, and is as follows:

Enabling Pairing Mode

First thing first, you need to enable the pairing mode of your headphones. Doing this will make your pair discoverable by nearby devices. Along with that, it also disconnects them from connecting to other devices so that you can pair with other devices. As far as enabling pairing mode of your device is concerned, this process is not the same. Instead, it depends on whether you are using wireless earbuds from jlab or true wireless earbuds. You can follow the below given steps to enable them for pairing.

1: Pairing True Wireless Jlab Earbuds

In order to get your jlab pair into pairing mode, what you need to do is to press the multi-function button on your earbuds for 3 seconds. In case they are in the pairing mode, the right side of earphones will have a white and blue blinking LED light, and the left side of the pair will show white LED light. However, a few headphones may also feature white and blue blinking lights on both side of the pair.

2: Pairing Wireless Jlab Earbuds

Very much like to the true wireless jlab headphones, you are to press and hold the multi-function button of your device for up to ten seconds. The light on the device will blink blue and red once they are in a pairing mode. Use small ear earbuds if you have small ears to make them fit properly.

Find your Jlab Earbuds on Your Laptop, Tablet, or Phone

Once you have successfully put your device I pairing mode, you can now go to the next step and search your preferred devices. This can be any device that supports Bluetooth connection such as your laptop, tablets, or phones. All these devices have different process of pairing. To your easiness, we have detailed these processes separately.

1: Android

If you want to pair these earbuds on your tablet or Android phone, go to the Settings, and head over to Bluetooth options. Now select the pair new device option from the list of available devices. From these devices, search the name of your headphones and connect them.

2: Ios

And if you want to pair with iPad or Ios-based iPhone, from the Setting app you can pair them to your device. Inside the Settings app, where to need to go is the Bluetooth menu and click on your jlab earphones from the Other Devices for pairing to them.

3: MacOS

Similar to its tablets and phones, you also need to go to the Bluetooth settings from System Preferences on your Apple’s MacOS. From the Bluetooth settings, you are required to select your jlab pair from the list of the available devices and then click on Connect to pair them.

4: Windows

On a computer, the process of pairing your jlab device is easy. To search for the Bluetooth and other devices, you can use the Window Search. From where you can click on the Add a device option. After this, you need to search for your earphones from the list of available devices to pair them.

Completing the Pairing Process

In order to ensure that you have successfully paired your pair with your desired device, you can refer to the LED indicator light. Once you have paired them successfully, the LED of your pair will either start blinking slower than before or stop blinking. Moreover, a few jlab items can also audibly cue you that you have successfully paired them. Now, you are good to go and can use any media file on your earphones you like. Enjoy your favorite music.

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