Safe Online Browsing

Anonymize online and outgoing user requests by replacing home or work IP addresses with a proxy server’s IP address. When using a proxy, organizations and websites cannot see the original IP address, which prevents directed advertising, hacking, or spying. In other words, a proxy server exists as an intermediary routing gateway system between users and the internet to provide users with safe and secure web browsing. Keep personal information private by masking browsing activities and history by choosing a SOCKS5 proxy offered by YiLu Proxy.

Proxies over VPNs

Although VPNs are highly noted to provide the most secure internet browsing experience, they are more expensive than SOCKS5 proxies that offer just as much safety. In fact, SOCKS5 proxies are dubbed VPN alternatives. With proxies, internet access is controlled and can be monitored, and that can be useful for bosses and parents, as proxies can block content and sites that are distracting or unsuitable.

Otherwise, proxies can be used to access blocked websites. Say if a user is banned, blocked, or has country-wide internet restrictions, a proxy can be utilized as a workaround. Residential and rotating IP addresses can show that a user is in a different city or country altogether! This provides users with an added sense of privacy knowing that their browsing cannot be traced back to them while enjoying accessing rather forbidden web pages.

Plus, proxies are known to save bandwidth and improve speed. Proxies are used independently, so if multiple employees or persons are at work or home, switching to a proxy can provide an individual with their own quick and encrypted internet connection, even on public providers. Even using a proxy on a public network can significantly decrease the chances of getting malware or virus.

Risks of Free Proxies

If a proxy is available online and free, it is likely too good to be true. First, it is probably free because it was made with cut-rate developmental procedures, meaning that it could not have backend encryption to give users the anonymity they desire honestly. Then, free proxies are notorious for having data security breaches, especially if a credit card is required to be kept on file, which increases the odds of identity theft, and performance issues. Also, free online proxies may save or sell browsing history. Furthermore, most free proxies do not have endpoint security that could allow spam and viruses to be downloaded to a browsing device. Simply put, do not trust free online proxies. However, if a user is interested, thoroughly read the fine print before contacting an administrator or representative before using it.

A Trusted Provider

YiLu Proxy offers highly inexpensive dynamic and rotating residential IP addresses. Over 90 million internationally stable SOCKS5 IP addresses are available on a 24-hour basis as low as $0.10 or $5 per month per IP. However, the 24-hour option uses shared IP options, but both plans allow users to gain unlimited bandwidth, requests, and traffic requests. Nonetheless, any YiLu proxy is proprietary clean and dedicated to low latency speeds and stable network connections that match or outperform standard internet provider connections.

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