TELENOR is also a Pakistani Mobile Networking company growing day by day as it has also made micro finance banks for its users where they can save their money and also gives discounted packages to its users. Telenor daily call packages are lowest price packages even some of the packages start from RS 5. Telenor microfinance bank is named as easy paisa in which user can save their money. In addition to this users can also subscribe to different packages at discounted rate if they re-charge through this. Users of other mobile networks can also get discounted packages from them. 

With 3 million 4G subscribers Telenor has reached a new milestone through focusing on needs of customers. Considering its outstanding mobile network services in an affordable cost, there is a lot of range for Telenor users for that Telenor is already being used in the country with different codes that are available in all the bigger and smaller cities in Pakistan. Telenor sim can be obtained from all over the country from different retailers and company franchises by biometric verification. Following are different call packages of for daily use offered by mobile network Telenor users can select Telenor Call Packages 2022 of their choice here for daily use as it is much reliable way to make calls through these packages.

DIN BHAR PACKAGE include 100000 free on-net minute with 20 MBs internet at the rate of 8 RS.

SUPER LOAD gives customers 25 free on-net minute for only 0.50 RS.

GOOD TIME OFFER allows access to 10,000 on-net minutes free 200 MB’S for RS 5.5.

DIN BHAR OFFER include 10000 free on-net minute with 20 MBs internet at the rate of 10 RS.

TELENOR FULL DAY PACKAGE allows access to 100000 on-net minutes free 60 MB’S for RS 13.

TELENOR 50 MINUTES MINI BUDGET PACKAGE allows access to 50 on-net minutes free 300 MB’S for RS 15.

TELENOR 100 MINUTES MINI BUDGET PACKAGE gives customers 1000 free on-net minute WITH 300 MBs internet for only 18 RS.

DAILY HYBRID BUNDLE include 50 free on-net minute with 10 MBs internet at the rate of 10 RS.

24 Hours PURA PAKISTAN OFFER gives customers 75 free on-net minutes for only 16.73 RS.

DAILY OFFER INCLUDES 10,000 on-net minutes + 20 MBs internet which is valid from 6 AM to 6 PM for only RS 10.

TELENOR FULL DAY offer allows customers to make unlimited on-net calls + 60 MBs of internet.

This is all about Telenor call Packages that are very popular these days and are used in different cities of Pakistan because of the competitive rate of these packages offered by the company to its users. Other then these Telenor easy card are very popular and tension free packages for one month. These packages have occupied strong importance in the whole country up till now as Telenor always try to satisfy their users so that their name in market is maintained. Telenor call packages were of much need these days as without any call package balance charged by the mobile companies is very high and even sometimes the call also get dropped due to insufficient balance and the conversation going on is left discontinued. 

Telenor Company usually updates all the packages when it feels the customer needs a more efficient package. The other main reason of updating packages every day is to remain in completion with other cellular companies working in Pakistan. In addition to call packages of this mobile network the SMS and internet packages of this company are also very demanding these days and are being used widely by people to fulfill their need. Whether they are students, working person or business man all are enjoying these packages offered by this company. 

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