The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Choosing YouTube as a Career

The internet space has evolved massively over the years. It revolutionized communication, the health sector, the education system, and the entertainment industry. YouTube is a part of this revolution.

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Not too long ago, creating videos on YouTube was not taken seriously. It was considered a waste of time, and anybody who wanted to make videos on YouTube for a living was made fun of. But now the tables have turned. YouTube has given a platform to many amazing artists, musicians, actors, and teachers to reach out to billions of people. 

YouTube is the second-largest platform on the internet after Google. YouTube has given us amazing content and stars like Justin Bieber, Felix Kjellberg, David Dobrik, Mr. Beast, etc.  

If you have a passion for it and are willing to put in the work, YouTube can very well translate to a full-time career. Here is all you need to know if you want to pursue YouTube as a career. 

Flexible Job Hours

To begin on a more positive note, flexible work hours are perhaps the best part of being a YouTuber. You can choose when you want to film or work depending on the time of day you feel most productive. 

If you’ve been stuck in an office job for a while, you would appreciate this kind of freedom. Having control over your hours, helps you achieve a better work-life balance if you can manage your time and work well. 

Little to No Initial Investment Is Required

You do not need to invest any money in getting started with YouTube. The platform is free to sign up for, and all you need is a camera to start making videos. This does not have to be a very expensive DSLR camera; you can shoot videos from your phone camera. 

Most people do have a smartphone these days, so you do not have to purchase anything new to start making videos. You can expand upon your equipment as your channel grows. 

Creative Outlet

YouTube provides an excellent platform to showcase your creativity and share it with others. It has videos on an array of topics and there is an audience for pretty much everything. From fashion, and styling videos to cooking, painting, and gardening videos, this platform is filled with variety of content. 

It’s a Platform for Everybody

There are no specific educational or experience requirements to create content. As long as you can contribute something interesting to the platform, you will do great even without a degree. 

You do not have to have a minimum education, certification, or even experience like you would need in any other job. YouTube is for everybody.  

There are a few difficult aspects of being a YouTube, not given enough attention. This often leads to people believing YouTube is just fun and games, which is far from the truth. Here are a few cons of choosing YouTube as a full-time career. 

Here are a few. 

Negative Comments and Criticism

Putting yourself and your work out there for people to see and comment on is a brave step. It will require you to grow a bit of thick skin because people can say hurtful things online. They will at times say things that are personal, uncalled for, and harsh. Engaging with these people will not make it any better because you will be acknowledging them and that is what these trolls want. 

Constructive criticism helps better yourself however not everyone gives you constructive criticism. Most people just want to make fun of you and be overly critical of everything you do. This can often lead to people thinking they are not good enough. 

Cancel Culture

Perhaps the most toxic manifestation of hate speech online is through cancel culture. The idea of going on a witch-hunt to name and shame individuals often based on theories and hearsay did not just happen in Salem. 

The Internet often turns into a very dark and toxic space. Such rampant hatred could be because an individual has said, implied, or done something controversial. If you choose to speak your mind and have some unorthodox opinions, they may not always be received well.

In Summary

It is important to make an informed decision when choosing a career. Freelancing of any form including YouTube is often misrepresented as this all-fun no work deal. This is not true. You will need to work incredibly hard to be able to make good money on YouTube. 

Don’t let anybody discourage you from pursuing your dream. However, do not go into a profession blindly believing a vague idea without having any practical understanding of how it works.

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