Things That Women Want To Wear In 2023

In this passage, we are going to be talking about 2023 Trend predictions. I don’t like to look online like Vogue or who I wear that kind of fashion websites and see what they said is trending, because I think the fashion world and real life are very different a lot of the time, and as much as the fashion world wants to say that we’re all going to be wearing 800 pockets on our clothes, we are not going to do that. I like to use my own brain and think of trends on my own.

4 Wearable Trendy Outfit Ideas

In this article, I am going to share 4 trendy things that I am wearing in 2023, including cross-body bags, shorts in winter, lace, and popular colors. Hope they can give you some inspiration on your everyday outfit or your boutique business.

Cross-body Bag

The first thing I will be wearing in 2023 is cross-body bags. Recently I have been really getting into dhgate saddle bags, I think it’s about time we bring back the cross-body bags, I feel like sometimes from the top half your outfits like pretty chunky, it’ll be nice to add the cross-body bag I think it adds spice, it makes my outfits not look the exact same every time, new year new me, but I’m going to be wearing cross-body bags this year.

Shorts In Winter

My second 2023 Trend predictions are shorts and knee-high boots in the wintertime. Does this seem crazy? Yes. But I’ve talked about them a thousand times if you don’t have fleece-lined tights from Amazon, you need to get them. They are warmer than going out in Lulu leggings or even jeans in the wintertime, they keep you so warm, so I will wear my fleece line tights like little plaid boxers and knee-high boots, so cute. You can also add thigh-high socks for even more warmth. I’ve been seeing the fleece line tights come in different skin tones, so that’s amazing. As for shorts though, I really like longer Bermuda shorts and not like the ones we saw in 2020, there are tighter Bermudas, and they are so cute with heeled boots.


The next thing is something I talked about is lace. I’ve been seeing lace everywhere, I got a long sleeve lace shirt from depop, and then I also thrift like a high necklace shirt. I really like high-neck lace, turtleneck lace, or even like a boat neck lace top. I think they’re so pretty and lace in the wintertime again is something that I really like. I like mixing lace with different textures so like lace and leather, leather and lace, or lace and fur. I’m obsessed with it.


Black&Brown Blank&Blue

The next thing that I think is going to be a trend that was a fashion faux pas, whatever you want to call it, it’s mixing black and blue or brown and black, these like really dark outfits for some reason, I just have this feeling that we’re going to be seeing more and more of them, I’ve never had an issue with brown and black or with black and blue or brown and black, I’ve always thought they go together, I remember that being like something my mom used to tell me when I was little that those don’t go together and you look like a bruise. But I really like them together. So I recommend you pick up cloth in these colors this year.


we can expect to see a lot of cross-body bags, shorts in winter worn with fleece-lined tights and knee-high boots, lace tops and accessories, as well as dark outfit combinations like black and blue or brown and black. These are all trends that I personally would be wearing this year. I hope these trends gave you some inspiration for your everyday Best Summer Outfit Ideas for 2023! Thank you for reading my article on the 2023 fashion trend predictions.

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