When you sit down to brainstorm about your brand, the primary goal is typically to attract new customers. Doing so can be expensive if you go with many of the traditional advertising venues. However, using promotional item giveaways to market your business can help you gain customers, while saving you a ton at the same time. There are six key ways that promotional items can help land you new customers: 

1. Boosting Your Brand’s Visibility 

If you want people to use your business’s products and services, you need to make sure they actually know your brand. Without great visibility (both in person and online), businesses struggle to attract their ideal customers. By using promotional items, you’re putting your brand out into the world in a tangible fashion. Especially if you go with clothing or accessories (such as t-shirts and tote bags) for your promotional item, you’re crafting your brand’s logo into a sort-of walking billboard. By buying your promotional items in bulk, you can save a ton of money, and make the already cost-efficient marketing strategy that much more beneficial. 

2. Gaining New Customers for Less

The expenses of advertising can be daunting for small businesses, leading them to invest much less than your typical large business. Thankfully, promotional marketing strategies cost significantly less than nearly all other mainstream marketing setups. You can buy enough promo merch in bulk to last you for years for less than it costs to make and air a commercial. By using more IRL methods, such as promotional marketing giveaways, you’re paying half the price most businesses are paying for advertising, while often getting more quality customer engagement. If you’ve never run a promo marketing campaign for your business, this strategy is more than ready to impress you.   

3. Boost Leads on New Customers

If you’re looking for ideal customers, you need to market to them directly and create leads. Especially if your business provides services, rather than products, leads are the lifeblood of your business model. Because you’ll create walking billboards with the wearable merch you give away, you are putting your brand, its services, and its reputation into the public eye. Doing this can be tricky, but once you’ve done it successfully, you’ll have a whole new slate of qualified, quality customers contacting your business. Combining the promo mindset with your social media marketing campaigns can pay off big time as well. 

4. Showing People That You Care

It’s incredibly important that you keep your humanity and caring nature in mind when you create advertisements. This rule applies to promotional marketing giveaways as well, because sincerity helps potential customers feel emotionally impacted by the item you’re giving to them. Using emotional intelligence is often just as important as using market knowledge when you’re running a promotional marketing campaign. People can become extremely attached to pens, t-shirts, tote bags, and more if they use them enough. If your brand is emblazoned on these items, your brand is becoming tied to positive emotions in the customer’s mind. 

5. You’ll Stand Out

Standing out amongst your competitors is key to succeeding. Small businesses are especially reliant on standing out if they have any competitors in their area. Attracting customers with promo items is now a long-standing marketing tradition. For companies that frequently attend trade shows, using branded, free gifts can be an especially effective way to attract people to your table. Being the hot new company in town can greatly expand your ability to attract customers and generate sales. 

6. Retaining New Customers

A lot of marketing is more about retaining customers than it’s about creating them. Once you understand this notion, you can see how valuable promotional item giveaways can be. Your customers will know that you think about them, that you value their business, and that you’re willing to go out of your way to make their day. The more positive customer interactions you have with an individual, the more likely they will be to frequent, champion, and talk about your business. When it comes to giving lifelong customers a gift, you should make the promo gift extra special. 

Find the Perfect Promotional Item for Your Brand

Once you’ve invested yourself in a promo merchandise marketing strategy, the first thing you’ll need to figure out is what type of item you’ll be branding. This can make or break your ability to truly connect with the target audience you’re aiming for. Thankfully, the wide variety of bulk promo items that exists in today’s marketplace is massive, making it easier than ever to run a successful, highly-targeted promotional marketing campaign. 

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