Ways to Fix Instagram Reels and Stories Not Working

Instagram reels and stories are powerful factors for the growth of any account, also they are short in length but have a great influence on users. Reels have become so popular in just a few days because of their short and effective strategy. The same is with Instagram stories that are short and remain there for 24 hours. You can announce any new launch in your stories and let people know about any new discounts or exciting offers of your brand. Although Instagram works in a very reliable way and ensures efficiency sometimes you may find bugs in it and it stops working instantly.

If you are facing any issues while updating, uploading, or removing reels or Instagram stories on your account. We’ll go through every issue and solution related to reels and stories.

How to Get Access to Instagram Reels?

An easy way to check whether you can have access to reels or not is that look for an account and go through it to see whether you can see its reels or not. If yes then surely you can use them and you can find them in your account through the below process:

Go to your Instagram homepage and there you’ll find the reels option next to the search icon.

 Then you just have to swipe right on your screen in your Instagram feed and you can find them next to the story.

Ways to Fix Instagram Reels Not Working

If reels are showing in your Instagram feed and even in the account of the user that you searched, the reels button is still missing on your account. Below can be the possible solutions for you, try them:

Internet Connection Should be Stable

If you are unable to see reels on your Instagram feed even after refreshing the page then make sure to check the internet connection. Try to reconnect with your network because several devices can be connected to a single internet connection. So reconnecting can resolve the issue of slow internet.

Reels Should be Available

Before going through any solution or finding the fixes, you have to be sure whether the Instagram reels option is available in your country or not. Otherwise, you’ll end up finding the solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist. If you don’t have any idea whether it’s available or not try to check the list of countries on the Instagram support page. If it’s not available in your country you can try using VPN if it’s legal in your country.

Clear Cache Data

Most of the apps use cache memory to save your data and provide you with a better and smooth experience. So damage in the cache memory can cause several problems and Instagram reels not working is one of them. Try clearing the cache data of your app through the following method:

–          Open phone settings.

–          Go to Apps and then click on Instagram.

–          Then open Storage and cache.

–          Then select Clear Cache from Clear Storage.

·         Keep Your App Updated

Most of the times issue can occur in apps just because you are using the older version, so try updating your app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Go to the App store and search for Instagram then click on the update button.

·         Try Signing in and Out

Even after updating your app issue remains there to try to sign in and then sign out from your account. Then sign in again after a while and hope the issue gets resolved. Just like you resolve engagement issues when you buy Instagram followers. You just have to click on your profile at the bottom right corner and then from your profile click on three horizontal lines. Then tap on settings and from there choose Log out. Now login again using your username and password and check if Instagram reels are working.

Besides that, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or turning off data saving for Instagram. Or you can just report it to Instagram.

Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Not Working

Instagram stories are a great way to improve several visitors and engagement rates of your app and that’s how Instagram ranks your story views if they are working fine. But sometimes you may face the issue that Instagram stories freeze or just disappear at once and just show the loading circle. It happens mostly because of the small issues that can be to an internet connection. Issues in Instagram servers or bugs in the apps, you can apply several below solutions to try fixing them:

·         Check Internet Connection

You have to be sure that you are using a stable internet connection because most of the time Instagram stories issues occur because of unreliable internet.

·         Try Relaunching the App

Simply close your app completely and then relaunch it, this can stop all the processes that are causing issues in your app. You can long press on the app and click on Force Close and for Apple users, you can use App Switcher to relaunch.

·         The issue with Instagram Server

Sometimes there isn’t any issue with your app or device, it’s because the servers of Instagram are down. You can check through the internet whether other users are also facing the same issue or not.

·         Try Using Instagram Lite

If you are unable to solve this issue then try using Instagram Lite, uninstall the app, and then install the Instagram Lite app. As the Lite version uses much less data than the original one but Instagram Lite is available for only android phones right now.

·         Turn Off Data Saving

Instagram saves your data for the positive effect of the app when you use it. But with this feature, it takes more time for reels to load and start playing. Sometimes this data-saving feature can also cause issues of not working Instagram stories. So you can turn off this feature from the settings of your account. Go to account settings then account and from there click on mobile data usage and turn off the switch next to data saver.


You can find your solution with Instagram reels and stories but sometimes this issue remains there and you cannot do anything. So just be patient and wait for a little but if it remains there then contact any professional for better help.

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