Building Signs: A Buyer’s Guide

The first thing many potential clients see about your company is its sign.

Your building signs serve two functions. They act as a beacon, directing clients and visitors to the correct area, and more significantly, they convey a statement about your company to potential consumers.

If you do it wrong, it will send the wrong impression, which may dissuade customers from purchasing your product or service. However, if done correctly, signage can be a potent marketing tool that attracts people and helps produce revenue. It is impossible to overestimate the value of well-designed and planned signage as part of your entire marketing strategy!

The challenge is, how do you do it correctly? Let’s take a look at some of the basics of buying building signs for your business.

Types of Building Sign

There are several types of signage you may want to consider for your business. Choosing the right one is an important decision that you should make early in the process of setting up signage.


Architectural building signage, on a great scale, engages the imagination and brings buildings, places, and surroundings to life. Sign designers collaborate closely with building owners, project architects, and builders to provide a fully integrated sign solution that complements the building’s entire architectural scheme.

Small Outside Building Signage

A huge range of great outside branding signs, such as external metal plaques, glass-look acrylic panels, directory and modular signs, car park signs, and health and safety notifications, are widely available. You should be able to discover something that blends in with the building’s surroundings.

Signs for Warehouses and Depots

Retail park buildings, depots, commercial garages, warehouses, factories, storage units, and other similar structures frequently have the option of installing enormous building signage to alert visitors to their existence or to send a strong advertising message.

Illuminated Building Signs

In poor light or inclement weather, especially at night, illuminated building signs may help you stand out from the crowd. There are several lighting solutions for lighted building signs: 3D metal letters with an LED halo/glow, light boxes for a solid panel of light, traditional spot/trough lighting from above or below, vintage neon glass tubes, and neon-effect signs are some of the options.


Once you’ve decided on the basic type of sign you want, picking out the right material is the next step. There are several options available, but acrylic and dibond are the two most popular choices.

Acrylic Building Signs

Acrylic is an excellent long-term signage material. Most designers can put vinyl graphics on the back of your acrylic building signs to create a distinguished look or simply cover the front of your acrylic signs with vinyl graphics. Acrylic building signs are easy to get custom-made to your exact requirements, including size and form. The design possibilities are endless.

Dibond Building Signs

Dibond is an aluminum composite material. One of the most common construction sign materials, this is an extremely durable substance. Dibond building signs can be laminated with vinyl graphics, allowing you to have any color building signs with any design. Dibond building signs are an excellent material choice if you want to add cut-out letters for your building signage, and they come with a variety of mounting choices to enable you to meet your specific display needs.

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