Gojek Like App Development: Guide to Help You Start from Zero

Super apps have created a huge buzz these days. With customers evolving demand to get anything from the comfort of sofas, it has become essential for businesses to find ways that help them satisfy their needs from one platform. This is where an app similar to Gojek gets the spotlight. 

With millions of free and paid mobile apps in the stores, tech-savvy shoppers have quick access to everything. They can download the app to watch movies, play games, make payments, order meals, and more. 

Instead of downloading multiple apps for various activities, most people prefer to go with a single app that serves all the services under one roof. Growing patrons’ preference for convenience has increased the opportunities for multi-service app owners to drive more leads and sales. 

Facts About Multi-service Platform Similar to Gojek 

Gojek has seen profitability growth since its launch in 2009. It satisfies the need of more than thirty million monthly active users in Southeast Asia. The company attributes its acquisition to skills and industrialization, which improved multi-service platform efficiency and quality across different areas. 

Gojek app downloads have increased by 2.448x from 2015, according to company statistics. The company has partnered with more than 900,000+ merchants and 2 million delivery partners to cater to the growing demands of individuals in various provinces. The platform has also integrated safety features keeping the users’ data theft and other security concerns in focus. 

The company is always trying to offer the best service to its users, making it the top choice of customers in different countries. If you want the same popularity and want to make your place in a growing market, then developing an app similar to Gojek is a smart choice. Still, confused about why to have a mobile app for your multi-service business? How does it help you make money? and more, then read the article till the end to get all your doubts solved. 

Why Do You Need All-in-One App for Your Multi-service Business?

In today’s digital world, where more than seven billion people use smartphones, it becomes vital for brands to focus on developing their brand presence online. There are lots of perks that you get when you choose to deploy a multi-service app; these include:

  • Satisfy the increasing demands of consumers with ease;
  • Generate significant gains;
  • Save your and your consumer’s efforts;
  • Manage enterprise operations efficiently;
  • Secure users and your business information;
  • Provide convenience to your customers to get things delivered at their place. 

Mobility has a lot more to offer for your multi-service business. It helps you automate your business operations and have complete control of every activity right from a one-stop solution. Now you need not have to worry about the demographic boundaries as a super app similar to Gojek helps you boost your presence in different counties with ease. 

How Does an App Similar to Gojek Help You Forge Income?

No matter whether you are going to create a mobile or web app for your multi-service business. The ultimate goal of automating your business operations is to make money. However, there are various ways to drive more revenue to your table, these includes:

  • Commission from merchants or service providers
  • Delivery fees from customers
  • Advertising fees from brands who want to use your multi-service app for advertising their business

There are a lot more ways of making money through your multi-service app like Gojek. One of the best ones is by satisfying more and more demand of customers for various services like meal delivery, appointment booking, and many more on-demand services. The more services you provide to your customers, the more chance you get to earn profit. 

Factors to Consider While Deploying a Multi-service Platform

Are you looking to deploy an app similar to Gojek? If yes, then there are lots of factors that you need to take into consideration. Starting from platform selection to securing hidden data and more, missing out on one step can cost your business much higher than your imagination. Let’s explore each of the steps in-depth right here.

Market Analysis

How can you jump into the water before knowing the depth? Hence it becomes crucial to know everything about the market you are thinking of jumping into. Know your targeted customers’ expectations, have insight into how your competitors satisfy their customers’ requirements, and more. This will also help you to eliminate the risk of business failure and grab success in a short time.  

Choose Right Technology and Platform

Many times business owners fail to make the right technology and platform selection while developing a multi-service app for their business; as a result, they need to pay heavy development costs.

Thus, make sure to choose the right platform and technology. According to Statista, Android apps generate about 104.15 million dollars; if you are also looking to target a large group, then choosing this platform is the best option. 

However, you can choose an iOS app if you are targeting the people who can spend a penny for convenience. Remember that platform and technology selection will affect the multi-service platform development cost to a great extent. Hence if you hold a small budget, plan smartly before making any choice. 

Seeking Support from Right Tech Partners

There are lots of app development companies in the market that are providing super app development services. But it becomes essential for you to find a gojek type app development company that caters to all your project requirements. Choosing the right tech partner will help you launch your multi-service business online within your planned budget. 

Features and Functionalities Integration

Multi-service apps with all essential features and functionalities will do wonders for your business. But at the same time, making it complex can make your customers leave it and search for better alternatives. The more features and functionalities you include in the app, the more you have to pay for the same. 

Deploying a multi-service app like Gojek will help you extend your company’s reach and revenue at the same time. However, you can consider all the above-listed factors to get it deployed, but remember that it doesn’t end here. There are a lot more things that you need to consider while developing an all-in-one service app for giving digital touch to your business. Get in touch with top development companies or developers to know what those are. 

Ending Note

Super apps have experienced a significant increase in usage and revenue in recent years as more people expect to get everything right from one platform. Looking at growing super app demands, it’s worth investing in it. It will help you automate your business operations, reach more customers, increase business revenue, and more.

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