Key significances of post offices in society

Post offices are the heart of local communities. Before entering into digitalization, the only means of communication that existed for decades was postal services. There was a time when we used to wait for days to get a single message from our known ones. It allows people to send just about anything to any part of the world. Though today we have an advanced way of reaching out to people, postal services will remain relevant to us. Many people still prefer postal services more than anything else. As for them, it is safer. On the technical side, postal services have been present long in the society, for that very reason I is hard to tumble that they are connected to services of various economic sectors.

In addition, consumers and businesses rely on post offices for many other services as well, such as sending and receiving parcels, accessing banking and getting local information. The government network transformation program has been highly successful in ensuring that the people can have access to post office services. The significance of post offices especially for small businesses is huge, with nearly two third that is over 2 million people uses post offices at least once a month, showing that the thriving post office network is not only essential for consumers but for businesses as well. When we talk about the present scenario, even with the introduction of technology, the importance of post offices stands the same as they were years back, still many businesses highly rely on it for various services.

  1. Cheap means of communication

 Postal mails are the cheapest means of communication, that are available at much lower rates. It is highly preferred by the ones living in remote areas, as the large circulation of newspapers and magazines are possible through post offices only in remote areas. The reason for its popularity among village people is because there is partial of no electricity or network, even today when we are living in tech generation, there are corners of the country that still don’t have access to technology. Post offices in these areas are like their heart and soul, firstly because they are affordable and secondly due to their easy accessibility. Likewise, the USPS provides various district postal offices such as columbia post office and Florida Post services.

  • Money transfer

Wire Transfer: Definition, How To Wire Money and Is It Safe? - TheStreetAlong with being the cheapest form of communication, post offices provide cheap transfer of money as well. Remitting money is cheap through money orders issued by post offices. In the case of quick or urgent money transfer, the transfer of money can be done through telegraphic money order. In which the sender places cash with telegraphic office, which then wires with the telegraphic office of the locality and then disburse the cash from the locality to the destination point. Thus, post offices are a way for money transfers as well. The money is delivered or paid at the doorstep of the payee, this service is available at all the post offices, the maximum amount that can be remitted in a single day is five thousand rupees.

  • Encourage savings

 Post offices give savings facilities to the people and offer high interest rates on savings; they are encouraged to make small savings through the various small savings schemes run by the post offices. Along with this, various post offices provide tax concessions, for example Public Provident Fund and National Savings Certificate. To motivate more savings post offices, offer prizes to people saving in the post office. Saving facilities by post offices is highly beneficial for those who wish to earn a fixed rate of interest by investing a significant portion of their financial assets. Post offices provide a recurring deposit option for people, in which you have to invest a certain fixed amount every month on which you get an interest rate up to 5.8% or nearly 6%, you get returns after 5 or 10 years whichever you choose. Thus, it provides a great opportunity to remote people for investment, as it is tough for them to avail banks because they lack credibility.

  • Trade promotion

 Availabaility of postal services has facilitated the expansion of both internal and external trade. Trade enquiries are made and business deals are finalized through the correspondence of postal mail. Placing orders, imitation for payments and reminder of payment is majorly done through postal mail and enquiries. Cheques, drafts and other valuable documents are sent by post offices. Moreover, paper agreements and sanction letters are also made available through post offices. Thus, we can say post offices have major importance in promotion of trade.

  • Facilitate distant learning

 Distant learning institutions make all correspondence through post offices. Students from far off places get the benefit of learning lessons without the necessity of attending regular classes through physical visits. Open schools and open universities and other institutions offering distant education, can educate learners by sending study materials through post. This is an amazing advantage for native students who wish to study at far off universities or schools, they can do it just by sitting at home.

  • Private courier service

There are private operators who provide mail to the public by post. The letters and parcel get dispatched from the sender’s address and deliver to the receiver’s address. Private couriers provide easy collection and delivery of letters and parcels. The parcels or packets are safely packed ensuring the security of the material inside them. It is one of the most liked services of the post offices, the delivery is done within the mentioned time frame with the highest security.


Besides being significant to individuals, consumers and businesses, postal services are also valuable to the government, they coordinate with other offices to send notices, memos and other important documents. Post offices deliver essentials services to communities, including universal mail and parcels ana allow also access to benefits, bill payment and banking services. Therefore, with this we understand, post offices as core elements of a society. They establish community identity, connecting societies and people. Postal services have a long way to go, as on as someone uses their services it will remain intact.

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