Method Wheels Heritage Series – Paying Homage to Off-Road Racing Icons

Method Wheels are high-performance wheels used for racing and other street application and known to be the most popular Off road wheels brand currently. If you are an off-road enthusiast, the Method Race Wheels Heritage Series is something that you have definitely heard of. It is a series of off-road cars and desert race trucks and was created to pay respect and homage to some of the most famous as well as historic race cars and trucks. 

Each off-road vehicle in the Method Race Wheels Heritage Series features liveries designed after a renowned car or race truck. The reason for choosing these liveries was to honour the race cars that were icons of their times. 

Below are the current Method Race Wheels Heritage Series of off-road cars and race trucks with liveries that are not exactly the same as the historic race cars and trucks, but an interpretation of them.  

Jesse Jones’ Mason Motorsports All-Wheel-Drive Trophy Truck.

The first one on the list of the Method Race Wheels Heritage Series is Jesse Jones’ Mason Motorsports All-Wheel-Drive Trophy Truck. During 1999 off-road racing season, Dave Ashley and Dan Smith, who were collectively known as Enduro Racing, converted their Class 8 truck to race in the premier class of off-road racing and was sponsored by Duralast. 

The Jesse Jones’ Mason Motorsports All-Wheel-Drive Trophy Truck is a modern version of the Duralast livery. The modern truck puts in about twice the torque and horsepower and is much more powerful than the truck converted by Enduro Racing.

Justin Lofton’s Rough Rider Trick Truck

Justin Lofton’s Rough Rider Trick Truck is the second one on the list of Method Race Wheels Heritage Series, which was assembled for the 2021 NORRA Mexican 1000. This modern day desert race truck hides a Jimco Gen 3 Trick Truck underneath, paying homage to a legendary race team of the past- The Rough Riders, built by Ford. 

The livery on this modern truck is patterned after the Class 1 tube-chassis race truck that was first driven by Paul Simon and Dave Simon at the 1992 25th annual Baja 1000. The Jimco Gen 3 Trick Truck is technologically advanced comprising Method 103 Race Series beadlock wheels, modern-day Fox suspension and huge Yokahoma tires.

Brenthel Gen3 Trick Truck

If you were a true off-road racing fanatic back in the 80s, there is no doubt that you cheered for the Larry Minor Miller American class 8 truck driven by Steve Kelley. Back in the day, the historical gold highlights with the red and white paint job made the American class 8 truck one of the best looking and fastest trucks in the desert, being able to notch up numerous wins.

During the 50th annual Baha 1000, Cody Swanty wanted the classic Miller American Livery for his Brenthel Gen3 Trick Truck and Swanty’s team won its class that year. 

 AJ Jones Mason Motorsports AWD TT.

The fourth member in the Method Race Wheels Heritage Series is AJ Jones Method Mason Motorsports AWD TT. The idea of the Chevy Lightning livery was influenced by the famous two-truck Chevy team Jimmie Johnson and Larry Ragland.

AJ Jones, the son of TT racer Jesse Jones, has been quite competitive so far and finished seventh at the 2019 Baja 1000. AJ Jones has been so impressive in the last few years that it reminded the crew at Method Wheels of Jimmie Johnson. The Motorsports AWD TT is advanced, packing an upward of 1000 horsepower. 

Greenwood Oly Bronco

The fifth one on the list is the Greenwood Oly Bronco, paying homage to the ‘Big Oly’ driven by Parnelli Jones in the early off-roading years. The Big Oly is one of the most famous and recognizable off-road race cars that was built by Chris Greenwood who grew up in a family that raced cars. 

The Big was piloted by Parnelli Jones for the first time in the 2019 NORRA Mexican 1000. The Greenwood Bronco was patterned with Big Oly livery for the 2021 Baja 1000 and got several praises, making it one of the obvious choices for the Method Race Wheels Heritage Series.

Wilson Class 1

The Wilson Motorsports Class 1 is the sixth member of the Method Race Wheels Heritage Series. The Wilsons are one of the pioneers in organized desert racing, with three generations racing Class 1 off-road cars to two-wheelers and three-wheelers. This off-road car carries a livery that has been part of the famous Wilson dynasty for years and that is the reason it was included in the Heritage Series.

Method Wheels take pride in bringing the best wheels for racing purposes and are a great choice if you are looking for off-road wheels. Compared to other off-road wheels in the market like Fuel WheelsMethod Wheels are more expensive. However, they will be worth your money. 

So, here we end our list of off-road cars and trucks for the Method Race Wheels Heritage Series. We don’t know who will top the list in the next Method Race Wheels Heritage series, but we definitely hope to see some iconic off-road cars and trucks.

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